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A Quick Guide to Ordering Quality Fiverr Gigs

Today’s marketplace is wide open thanks to the internet. Now, you have the ability to connect with people all over the world that offer their goods and services. That has led to a revolution in outsourcing work over the web. There are many sites where you can go to get freelance work done. However, Fiverr is the number one marketplace for smaller, budget-friendly gigs. Starting from $5 for a gig, you can purchase anything from the web and graphic design to content creation and voiceovers. Like any freelance site, there are pros and cons to ordering from Fiverr. And some gigs are more worth your money than others.

The Pros

  • Fiverr offers gigs at a fraction of the cost that you would normally get work done for. Starting at $5, many projects are within your grasp- putting you in touch with talented and skilled freelancers.
  • You can get a variety of projects completed through Fiverr.
  • Most gigs are completed within 5 days or less.
  • Easy to user interface with full PayPal integration
  • User reviews
  • Ability to talk freely with the seller.

The Cons

  • Quality can vary greatly. You honestly don’t know what you are going to get for the largest part. You have to depend on your conversations with the seller and their reviews.
  • Largely, you get what you pay for. Keep in mind, this is a $5 gig. No, they will not proofread your entire book. And no, they won’t do an intricate job in design or do an entire website for $5. Even with the ability to purchase add-ons and extra gigs, you have to keep in mind how much the freelancer is making per project. Odds are, you won’t get the same quality of work from someone that you would get with a regularly priced job. Unless you are very lucky and find someone good. If you do, hold on to that person. And tip them well.
  • Unoriginal content can be a problem as well. Some unscrupulous Fiverr sellers will sell work that isn’t their own or isn’t unique. Selling illustrations they didn’t do, or copy and pasting content from the web as their own. Be sure you are checking your work to make sure it is original.

What Should I Buy?

There are some real gems that you can find on Fiverr in the gigs. Some of the better gigs to look for are in logo creation, whiteboard drawings, video intros, cartoons, infographics, voiceovers, content creation and editing/proofreading. This is where you get real value. Avoid anything that involves Twitter followers and Facebook likes. They both have algorithms in place to fight these fake numbers, and you will be penalized for it. Much like fake website traffic, in the long run, you will shoot yourself in the foot when Google dings you and lowers your search ranking. Finally, avoid any fake testimonials or reviews. This is another one that will come back to bite you. Most sites can tell a fake review from a mile away- just don’t do it.

A Few Things to Note

As we said before, don’t buy anything fake or that paints a false image of your brand or product. It might seem like a good idea but these things always get found out. Also, you can purchase multiple gigs or use add-ons. That means if someone offers 500 words of content, you could order 2 gigs to get 1000 words. Or you could choose a $10 express add-on to get your order the next day. It all depends on what the seller offers. Finally, shop around. There is more than one seller for any service on Fiverr, and you owe it to yourself to choose your freelancer wisely. Read reviews, look at samples, and if necessary, ask for samples- any reputable seller should have no problem with that.


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