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Copyright Made Easy with WordPress Watermark Plugins

Protect your images from copying by putting your custom mark on the picture. A watermark is a subtle way of making a statement that the page or photo belongs to you or is copyrighted. It is also a great way to promote your brand without being overly obtrusive. Put your mark, logo, or image on photos or web pages with these WordPress watermarking plugins.

  1. Image Watermark

    Automatically watermark images that have been uploaded to the WordPress Media Library. Watermark previously uploaded images in bulk. Choose the position of the watermark image, preview, set offsets, choose from three methods of applying the watermark size, set transparency and opacity, image format and quality. Select post types where watermark will be applied, or add watermark during any image upload. Fully customize the look by uploading your own custom watermark. Protect your images from copying with a drag and drop option, and disable right mouse click on images or disable image protection for users who are logged into your site. The plugin supports GD Library and ImageMagic as well.

  2. Easy Watermark

    The name of this plugin describes it best. Easily add your watermark to images all at once or one at a time, either automatically when they are uploaded to the WordPress Media Library, or manually to existing images. The plugin allows you to watermark .jpg, .png, or .gif images with full support for opacity for all files and transparency and alpha chanel for .png and .gif files. Create text watermarks using the fonts, color, size, and rotation options.

  3. Watermark RELOADED

    Create your own watermark and watermark all of your uploaded images with your choice of font and colors. Instantly view a preview so you know whether or not you like it before it goes live. The settings are easy to use. Apply watermarks to different image sizes, and position the watermark anywhere on the image. The free version provides you with plenty of basic features. Upgrade to RELOADED Pro for options such as opacity, background color, image watermark, text with outline or variables, or uploaded time options to turn off the watermarking.

  4. watermark

    Quickly and effortlessly add watermarks to all of your already uploaded or newly uploaded .jpg images. The plugin uses an htaccess and php file to place the watermarks, so your original image is never modified and can still be downloaded from your FTP without a watermark. Deactivate the plugin to remove the watermark from all images. Because it uses htaccess, you need to be able to create a htaccess file in your uploads directory and also have a GD library and Apache module to be activated.

  5. WP Watermark Site

    Add text or an image of your choosing to your WordPress pages and posts. Use the watermark as a permanent feature, or as a temporary one that disappears when action is complete, such as reminding to pay bill. The watermark shows up as a reminder, if you set it that way, and then  goes away once the bill is paid.

  6. Image Watermark WP

    Protect your photos in no time. The plugin comes ready to use and is easy to learn your way around. Add a watermark to your images using your choice of several options.  Choose from three methods of size, transparency or opacity, image format baseline or progressive, set image quality, set watermark offset, choose the position, and select the post types where you want the watermark to be applied or watermark during individual image uploads.

  7. Aparg Watermark and Resize

    Everything you are looking for in watermarking, adding and resizing quickly or using bulk actions. Automatically resize or add watermark to images as they are uploaded to your WordPress Media Library. Choose watermark image, position, size percentage, margin from border percentage, and set max box size for images to retain ratios.

  8. Awesome Watermark

    Watermark with text or images on your WordPress site. Control your output image quality, separate watermark based on size, choose tiled or texturized watermarks, rotate watermark at any angle, and take full control over the output image quality. The plugin also offers support for WooCommerce product images and backup options for original images.

Leave your customized mark on photos, web pages, or thumbnails. Protect your works, or promote your brand with a watermark on images and web pages. Select the watermarking plugin that works best for you.


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