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Top Benefits of Cloud Hosting

cloud hostingYou have many hosting options for your web site, but if you are looking for performance, reliability, and
security then you need to be looking at cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is essentially a virtual server that is comprised of a huge network of physical servers in locations all around the country and world. This offers greater stability for your site, as well as increased performance. Plus with your own private server environment in the cloud, you can be assured of the security of your files.

Here’s the lowdown.

How does it perform?

You will get greater performance from cloud hosting due to the fact that resources are available on-demand from the cloud and aren’t restricted to the limitations of any one server. If your site is experiencing heavier load, the cloud will compensate by utilizing the resources of another physical server. Even if you are using a private cloud service, you can allow “burst” capabilities to access resources from public cloud servers to increase your performance in the event of a surge of activity.

How reliable is it? (Uptime)


Due to the fact that you are dealing with a great number of physical servers that are feeding the cloud server, you can be virtually guaranteed that your site will not be down- even in the event of a catastrophe. A major power outage to one bank of server will simply cause your site’s resources to be shifted to another bank of servers. This allows for maintenance and upgrades on servers without downtime for you.

But is it secure?

Cloud hosting is as secure as any other hosting service, but offers additional steps that you can put in place to protect your site. Physically, the servers are still located in data centers and protected by all security measures in place at the facility. As for the cloud portion, there is an array of firewall and other software solutions that can be implemented to guard your site. However, for optimum security, opt for a private cloud hosting solution. This sets up a completely separate and secure hosting environment that keeps your data away from any prying eyes.

So which one should I choose?

You have lots of options for outstanding cloud hosting services. A few we recommend are:

  1. Cloudflare
  2. Amazon CloudFront
  3. Yotta
  4. KeyCDN
  6. BitNinja
  7. CDNLion

Cloud hosting may not be right for you. For low volume sites and personal blogs, you can probably stick with your standard hosting. However, if reliability and uptime are important to you, you might want to take a look at cloud hosting. Consider your needs, and your visitor’s expectations and choose what is best for you. It’s definitely worth a look.


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