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Haven’t Received Updates on Your ThemeForest Theme? Here’s What You Should Do offers is the premier WordPress theme repository, offering thousands of feature-rich themes from developers all over the world. You can
find themes that range in categories from blogs to business solutions, and many come with incredible out of the box features and packaged with other premium plugins. These themes are curated by ThemeForest and kept updated by the developer to take advantage of the newest updates in WordPress and security upgrades. That’s why so many WordPress site owners turn to ThemeForest. However, sometimes a theme reaches its end of life and is no longer updated by the author. So what does that mean to you? And, what should you do?

It might sound odd, but every theme has a lifespan. For some it can be a year, for others it can be many years. Eventually, either the author feels they have done everything they can do with a theme or else they grow bored and move onto other projects. In any case, your theme will become stagnant and not up-to-date with WordPress and its security upgrades. This is vital, as an update from WordPress can break older features in a theme. Or, worst case, new security flaws are exposed and your theme is powerless against them.

The upside to this is, by the time your theme dies, it will probably be a good point to start working on a redesign and freshening up your site. As good of an excuse as any, right? So back we go to ThemeForest to find a new theme. When choosing a new theme, work on finding something that has some resemblance to the old site- this can be achieved by choosing one with customizable colors and flexible design options. Don’t be afraid, however, to really upgrade the site and look for the latest and greatest features- this is your chance to shine. Something to keep in mind though is to be thorough with your research. Look for newer themes for longest life, and take a look at the author’s history so you can get a feel for how much support and development the author pays to their theme.

Once you purchase, you know the drill. Upload the zip file to the themes page of the appearance section and set any customizations you like. Be aware that some existing plugins might not play nice with your new theme, so test liberally.

Your theme reaching the end of its shelf life doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Just do your research and make sure you are buying the freshest themes possible and keep everything updated for best results.


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