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Build Your Brand with Twitter

Twitter is a worldwide leader in communication and social media, but what you twittermay not know is that it is also a leader in brand recognition. Every major brand and company that wishes to connect and increase their brand in the public eye has a Twitter account and regularly engages with its customer base. You should be doing the same, and increase awareness and engagement by using Twitter for your business.

Establishing a Twitter Brand

To start off, you need to brand your page. You are probably aware that you have a profile photo for all Twitter accounts. You will want to make that photo be your logo. Just make sure that it is easily recognizable and readable. You don’t want people guessing at who they are talking to. Secondly, you can upload a cover image to your actual Twitter page that goes at the top of the page. This can be something unique to your brand or a promotion you are doing. Also, be sure you have fully completed your profile so people can get some background on your company. This goes beyond just including links to your web page or Facebook page. Treat Twitter as its own entity, it shouldn’t rely on other mediums.

So how do I get people to follow me?

twitterOnce you are ready, it is time to get your followers. There are several ways to do that. First, use your existing social media and website to advertise that you have a Twitter and that people should follow you. You can even run promotions to encourage people to follow you, offering discounts for Twitter followers or giveaways and raffles. You can also pay for sponsored listing through Twitter, however, this is generally more of a step for larger companies. Most importantly you want to network. Follow companies you admire or that are in the same industry or even just in the same community. Retweet them, and talk with them. Support them and likely they will do the same and help get your name out to their customers. You can also do the same with individuals, as this also has a huge impact. Having an individual retweet or mention you is a great endorsement and not one you should overlook.

Keeping your audience coming back

When you start getting follows from your customers and potential customers, return the favor and follow them back. Aside from being courteous, you are getting a rare chance to learn more about your customers. You can find out who they follow, what they buy, how they think. This is all amazing insight to have. It should also be obvious, but when they talk to you- RESPOND. Be engaged with your customers. This isn’t just a soapbox to stand on and make announcements. People want to be engaged with you, so get into conversations. This is another great way to learn about your customers and build loyalty. However, you do want to keep an eye on your followers and drop dead accounts or people who aren’t following you. This will keep you looking like a powerful account and help with promotion and search ranking.

Finally, remember to post regularly. Talk about what is going on with your company. You can post successes, links to your blog, or even to blogs or articles on other sites- anything that is relevant. Give people a reason to keep following you and a reason to retweet you.

Twitter isn’t just for people, it is also a great tool for businesses. Just make sure you are following some basic “best practices” and you will see your audience grow in no time.


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