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Make Your Social Media Profile Popular with these Tips

Most individuals have their own social media accounts and whether it is for social media profilespersonal or professional reasons, these individuals try to manage their social media profiles the right way. Your social media profile can be your important asset in business so you need to ensure that your profile is comprehensive and impressive. If not, now is the best time to improve your social media profiles. The following ways can help you:


Social Media Share buttons on website

You do not always have the advantage of knowing the preferences of your
customers in terms of sharing content. Therefore
need to make it convenient and easy for your valued customers to share your contents how and where they want. Offer multiples of sharing options so that clients who like Tweeter can tweet, who prefer Pinterest can pin and more. Social media share buttons on your site can also be an advantage to customers with affinity to Facebook because they can share your content or article there.

shareaholic plugin


Feature Hashtags

Featuring unique hashtags is one effective way to improve your social media
profile. Hashtags are phrases or words prefixed with symbol #. These provide a means for group messages. Hashtags also works well in making your event or content stand out of the crowd.


Link Your Contents with Google Authorship

Contents are published in astounding rate and it is easier for your contents or articles to be lost in masses of online results showing up in searches. Google Authorship connects or links your exclusive contents to your profile in Google so that an image or photo will be displayed next to your contents in search results alongside with a particular link to more of your related contents.


Make Use of Multimedia Content

Making use of visual contents can optimize and improve your social media profiles. Slideshows, videos, pictures and many other multimedia contents are great ways to make or generate positive impressions on your profiles in social media. Social media websites are said to be increasingly depending more on visually –oriented media. Individuals are not reading texts like they used to do before and multimedia contents are being shared more. When you make use of visual contents, you actually create more visually pleasing and interesting social media profile.


Respond To Negative Comments And Turn Them Around

Businesses that are mostly on social media usually encounter customers who feel wronged in some ways. If these customers cannot reach a representative from your organization in your site or cannot contact the customer’s service hotline, they might decide to enter a new different door and post complaints in Yelp or your social networking website. You need to address their complaints to make your customers feel respected and heard.

These are just a few of the many ways to improve your social media profiles. Other helpful ways include using appropriate image resolution on social media sites, filling out your complete information on your social media sites and this must be uniform across all social media site, improving the on-page SEO for your blog pages, linking your social media profiles together and linking to your main website.


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