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Top FREE Under Construction WP Plug-ins

under construction pageThere is little in this world more frustrating than going to a site only to see it empty, or worse yet, a broken link that leads to nothing but disappointment. Don’t lose visitors and potential clients when your site is being built. Share important messages or even gather contact information while they wait and you develop your site to perfection offline or from the back end on an administrative view of the site. Here are 11 of the top free Under Construction Word Press plug-ins:

  1. UnderConstruction

    The name of the plug-in says it all. Your site is under construction, but you don’t want to lose potential clients. In the meantime, give them  with the underConstruction plug-in for WordPress sites. Display a message of your choosing telling visitors that your site is coming soon.

  2. Ultimate Coming Soon Page

    Collect email information from visitors while displaying a website page that lets them know the site will be up soon. Completely customize the look and feel and easily add your own CSS and HTML. Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin is integrated with Google fonts and allows you to stretch background images to cover the entire browser. It uses html5 and CSS3, is translation ready and offers i18n, Multisite and BuddyPress support. Sit back and let FeedBurner collect emails of future customers while you work to create the site.

  3. WP Maintenance Mode

    Down for maintenance or coming soon, this plug-in allows you to add a splash page to your site using a visual customizer that allows you to easily change text, backgrounds, and colors with mobile friendly and responsive ready display. Allow visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, keeping them up to date and export emails through a contact form. Provide social media icons so visitors can stay in touch and in the know with a live countdown timer that counts down to the second of site launch time.

  4. WPsoonOnlinePage

    Display an attractive basic coming soon page. Select the background color, title color, and text color as well as the font to customize the message visitors see until your site goes live.

  5. Site Offline or Coming Soon

    Whether your site is new or undergoing maintenance, communicate with visitors that you will be up soon. It’s as easy as clicking enabled, and you enable site offline mode so you are free to make changes to your site while displaying a responsive coming soon custom message that your site visitors view.

  6. Maintenance

    Take the drudgery and fear of turning away potential clients out of your site’s maintenance. This Maintenance plug-in is simple and easy to activate with useful options. There is a free and a pro version, and the free version delivers an under construction or coming soon page that is easy to configure. Add your own logo, a captivating background image, and select the colors and text you want. Maintenance plug-in offers HTML/CSS layout, Backstretch fullscreen background with blur effects. Turn on or off the 503 error display and select Google analytics or exclude specific pages.

  7. Easy Coming Soon

    Create a fully responsive Coming Soon or Landing page in WordPress with the Easy Coming Soon plug-in that allows you to also collect visitor emails and offering a subscribe option and Google Analytics tracking. Quickly design a launch or under construction page for your visitors to see without needing to write any HTML markup. Easily activate the plug-in, select the Setup Page Title and Description, and you’re ready to go. The free version allows you to create a responsive message page with social media connectivity with an extremely user-friendly template setup and live preview.

  8. Maintenance Mode

    Create a maintenance mode page specifically for your WordPress site with ease. Toggle the maintenance mode on and off. Block all users who are not logged in from having access to the rest of your site while you work on it behind the scenes. The free version gives you the option to add your own logo, customize the maintenance mode message, and select a color for the page.

  9. Easy Pie Maintenance Mode

    The old saying goes, “It’s easy as pie!” Whatever that truly means, this WordPress plug-in allows you to easily announce to site visitors that your site is undergoing maintenance or coming soon. Easy Pie makes it simple without confusing options or complicated setups. Choose the pre-styled text for the Title, header, headline and message text without the need for HTML or CSS coding knowledge. Choose from four professionally designed and fully responsive mini-themes that will display your maintenance mode page that allows you to express a personal touch by adding your own logo using the WordPress Media Library.

  10. Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

    Less is more! Keep it simple without losing control with this plug-in that allows you to easily set up a Coming Soon or Launch Page with minimal work without losing your ability to customize it to your liking. Track visitors with analytics, and collect emails with MailChimp.

  11. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

    Get potential clients and site visitors excited and filled with anticipation, and create contact forms and promotional features. Prepare for your coming soon site to take off like a rocket launch when you build amazing design with a state-of-the-art timer countdown. Select a ready-made and visually appealing template, or create your own. The free version gets you a fully responsive model that is optimized for speed and SEO ready.

In the meantime, while your site is being built, use one of these fantastic Under Construction plug-ins that tell visitors information they need to know to bring them back later when the site is up and fully functional to use.


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