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Top Free Accordion WordPress Plug-ins

When musicians play the accordion, they create the sound by pressing specific buttons as the bellows fold and unfold back and forth to produce beautiful notes. Similarly, in the world of WordPress blogs and website pages, Accordion plug-ins allow your web page to unfold large pieces of information only as the user calls for it by pressing the desired topic button to hide or show chunks of text as needed. When the user selects a specific topic bar from the accordion plug-in, the information you want them to see unfolds like the bellows of an accordion and then folds back to be hidden from view to make room for more information to be seen on the page.

An accordion plug-in allows you to set colors and styles, provide the titles and the fill-in information and unfolds to reveal more information only when it is requested by the visitor to your page. Users minimize, maximize, slide and navigate large content while you keep your page looking inviting and uncluttered and not overwhelmed with text. Or, you may have a quiz where the answers only need to be seen after the user has answered. Another use for an accordion plug-in might be a long fill-in form that only needs to be seen if the user needs to provide information on the form. These plug-ins use shortcodes to generate information you choose to display or hide on the web page. Of course, most accordion plug-ins offer upgrades for a fee, but here are the key features of the top free accordion plugins for your WordPress site.

Xpert Accordion

What could be easier than drag-n-drop especially when that’s all you have to do to create the shortcodes needed for making an attractive accordion. Xpert Accordion offers a nice font selection. Choose your style, and add the accordions sets as you need. Simply fill in your information, publish the page, and you’re ready to go.


Cut to the chase to customize your accordions as needed. Even the name of this plug-in gets to the point, leaving out the clutter. At the root of Accordions are HTML and CSS, so it is responsive and ready for users on any device, including mobile users. Customize, and create as many unlimited accordion grids as you need with easy WordPress editing.

Nextend Accordion Menu

This accordion plug-in makes it easy on you and your site visitors. Don’t worry about learning complicated coding, because all you need to create beautiful accordion menu bars has already been coded and put into widgets and ready-to-use shortcodes. There are upgradable Pro options for this plug-in, but even the free Lite version provides plenty of options to create fantastic, user-friendly accordions.

Olevmedia Shortcodes

Create columns, icons, lists, logos, pricing tables, and interface with Google Maps or YouTube. Editing is simple with just the push of a button. All of the shortcodes you need are nicely coded into editor-friendly buttons on a toolbar. The end result is responsive and ready-to-use even on mobile devices.

Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes

Make good use of the space on your page by designing and creating vertical or horizontal accordions, or choose to use tabs and toggles. Squelch uses a JQuery UI, so it runs best on newer WordPress pages, with 8 shortcodes that are customizable, and you also have the option of using your own custom CSS if desired.


Get all the bells and whistles while embedding all of the tabs, toggles, and accordions you need into your page with this plug-in that is designed to be the only accordion plug-in you will ever need. This plug-in went so far as to develop an entirely new concept and name to creating the slide, minimize/maximize navigation. They call it ‘whistles” and “whistle groups” that contain shortcodes. You create and select the whistles and whistle groups to fit your style and content needs.

Easy Accordion Free

As the name implies, this accordion widget is easy-to-use and is free, though it does offer an affordable premium option as well. The developers took a minimalist, lightweight and streamlined approach to creating a non-cumbersome plug-in. Select from a variety of colors and styles, and embed it in your posts, page, or widgets. Easy Accordion Free is responsive and works with mobile and touch-tablets as well and is supported by every major browser.

Arconix Shortcodes

With six style and six utility shortcodes, Arconix Shortcodes offers a plug-in that makes it easy to create boxes, columns, tabs, buttons, unordered lists, and accordions. It comes with custom icons packed with “FontAwesome” display that draws the user into the interactive design. Display up to five columns using shortcodes that are designed to fit any screen.

Accordion Shortcodes

Provides two shortcodes that allow you to seamlessly add drop-down accordions to your WordPress site. This plug-in keeps it simple but also provides you with the ability to customize using your own CSS coding. Create multiple accordions on a page with just the click of two buttons. The end result is responsive and only adds JavaScript onto the pages that use the shortcodes.


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