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Manage All of Your WordPress Sites with this Tool

WordPress is already the most widely used content management system and website platform in the world, and with good reason. It is easy to use and manage. However, what if you have multiple sites? If you are managing multiple WordPress installs, then it can quickly get out of hand trying to juggle all of your sites. The plugins make it easier to manage plugins, themes, and updates which will save you time and money. Many also offer the ability to fully backup and restore your sites. Here are a few tools that will make your life easier.

  1. ManageWP

ManageWP is an excellent premium tool that puts all of your WordPress sites on one easy to use dashboard. You will no longer be juggling all of your URL’s and credentials, just add your site to the tool and it shows up in your dashboard. It also features full backup, restoration, and migration to ensure your sites are protected and ready to be restored with a single click. It comes fully supported with monitoring and security as well as on-call support 24/7. You don’t even have to set it up, everything is done for you.

  1. iControlWP

iControlWP is a premium tool that takes all of your sites and puts them in a dashboard that is already familiar to you with controls and layout you can quickly master. There are many features to love here, including management of updates, plugins, and themes. It also comes with a powerful security solution that offers several tools to manage your site. You can quickly perform a Sucuri malware scan, force a site-wide re-login for your site, and change the WordPress database prefix easily- something that most any developer will tell you is vital for security.

  1. WP Pipeline

WP Pipeline offers many of the same tools you will find in other tools. But what this premium tool offers a huge strength is the ability to back up your site as well as managing updates for WordPress, themes, and plugins. Pipeline alerts to immediately to any needed updates, but it also will alert you to any problems with your site- now you can know the instant your site goes down and immediately restore it.

  1. WP Remote

WP Remote is a free solution that doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles of other tools but is an excellent budget-friendly option. You can monitor an unlimited amount sites for free, and quickly update WordPress core software, plugins, and themes with one click. You can also download snapshots of your site at any time. A simple tool, WP Remote gets your foot in the door of managing your sites together.

  1. InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP is a very advanced system, especially for a free solution, for managing your WordPress installations. You can add unlimited sites to Infinite and perform one-click updates across all of your sites. All of the functions including backup and restoring of your sites is included for free. And it is a self-hosted platform so you don’t have to trust your sensitive data to a third party.

  1. MainWP

MainWP is another self-hosted option that works by creating a new WordPress installation and installing the main plugin. You will then download the child plugin and install it on all of your sites. While it is a bit bulkier than other options, it is completely self-hosted and fully customizable. In fact, it features a set of over 30 different extensions available to really juice up your experience.

  1. CMS Commander

CMS Commander is another free solution that offers some interesting features you won’t find elsewhere. In addition to being able to update all your sites and secure them with auto updates, you can monitor traffic, backlinks, and uptime for each site. Another great feature is the ability to clone and create new websites instantly, which can be very helpful for affiliate marketing sites.

  1. WP Multi-network

This one is a bit different in that it specifically works with existing multi-site networks. It provides the functionality to create a super admin with control over the entire network of sites. You will then have the power for an infinite configuration of sites, network, and domain arrangments.


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