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Stand Out with WordPress Social Media Plugins

Without a doubt, it is vital that you include social media in your marketing strategy. After all, you go where the audience is. And with millions of users around the world signing on to various social media sites every day, you owe it to yourself to get out in front of them. As with most situations, there are several plugin solutions for WordPress sites to make integrating social media easier than ever.

Here are our top 8.

  1. Add to Any

This is the oldest and most used social media plugin for WordPress. A truly universal solution you can use this plugin to share posts and pages to any service including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit and over 100 more sharing and social media sites and apps. It features share counters, floating buttons, and universal email sharing.

  1. Shareaholic

Here we have a plugin that not only allows for sharing and amplification of your posts and pages, it also offers much more including monetization. The plugin comes with the power to include related content recommendations, promoted content, and site monetization like affiliate linking. It also comes packaged with social analytics so you can see exactly how your content is doing. Truly a valuable tool to have, with more powerful statistics than you will ever find natively on any platform.

  1. Social Media Feather

Feather is no-frills and no-nonsense. This straight-ahead plugin simply gives you the functionality that most casual users are looking for- the ability to share posts and pages via social media. It also offers “follow” features for major platforms as well. You can also use this one with custom post types.

  1. Mashshare

Mashshare is a highly customizable plugin that gives you the ability to do what you want with social media. As downloaded you have the ability to share your content as well as provide subscribe buttons and counters. The real strength of Mashshare comes from its Add-On Marketplace which features really rich add-ons to customize your experience including really niche social media sites, and the ability to customize what is seen when you share on social media.

  1. Floating Social Bar

If speed is important to you, then you should look to this lightweight social media plugin. It offers a floating share bar to posts, pages, and custom post types that won’t affect the layout of your page. It was developed so as to not load any social media scripts when the page loads, for faster page load times. The scripts are only loaded when the user hovers over the icon.

  1. DC Simple Share Buttons

DC is, as the name implies, a very simple and light-weight solution for social media sharing. All scripts and code are local to your site and don’t rely on external resources. And with the included shortcodes, you can include your share buttons anywhere you like in your template. Alternatively, you can opt for showing the buttons on all posts and pages. Do note, this will not show share counters. So keep that in mind when downloading.

  1. Simple Social Icons

It doesn’t get simpler than this. SSI isn’t a share plugin per se, rather it is a plugin that acts as a social media directory. It comes with very clean minimalist icons for all the major social sites that you can display in a widget. All of your social media links can now be in one place.

  1. Open Social Share (formally Simplified Social Share)

What is great about Open Social Share is that out of the box it is ready to work with BuddyPress and bbPress. So no need to worry if you are running a community site. You can display your sharing buttons on anything on your site. And it is all managed from a clean, easy-to-use admin interface with no programming required.


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