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Help Your Clients Find You Easily with Store Location Plugins

Whether you operate several brick and mortar businesses in a chain or you want to build a directory website, nothing will make it easier to use, manage, and update than a store locator or directory-style plugin. With them, you can quickly add and update listings for every business, and best of all some even allow you to set up memberships and charge for inclusion in your directory. This is a super simple way to monetize your site in a big way. Here are a few of our favorite plugins that we think you will find incredibly helpful.

  1. Super Store Finder for WordPress (Paid)

‘Super Store Finder’ is an outstanding plugin that integrates fully with Google Maps through their API. It allows for customers to seamlessly locate and connect with every business listed. And it comes completely responsive and ready for all smartphones and tablets. You will find it fully customizable with the ability to manage colors, labels, notifications, regions, and map settings.

  1. Lots of Locales – WordPress Store Locator

This plugin from the WordPress repository offers fully integrated map making and location management. It features support from some of the very best free mapping tools that will allow you to create multiple store locators, finder, and address maps. You can display as few or as many of your locations as you like using the powerful Google Maps API. You can further increase the power of this plugin with incredible add-ons that offer even more features.

  1. Maps by Store Locator Plus

This plugin is a location mapping and directory solution that boasts over 10,000 active installations. It is scalable enough to all any number of locations from 10-10,000. All you have to do is simply create a new page and insert the shortcode. You can also customize your installation further with an advanced settings interface. You can resize your map, add details like a web address or email address, relabel fields, and customize the results field.

  1. WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator is a simple to use yet highly customizable directory solution. You will be able to manage any number of stores, and you can add extra details to the individual stores like phone numbers, fax, email addresses, web addresses, and descriptions. You can customize your installation by placing results either under or next to the map as well as changing the map appearance, map markers, and provide custom labels for individual entry fields. And if you are a developer, it is high documented and developer friendly to offer endless customization.

  1. Gwebpro Store Locator

Gwebpro is an ultra-modern and clean directory and locator that offers plenty of options and features in both its free and paid versions. A few things that make Gwebpro different from the competition is its flexibility and easy installation, automatically finding a user’s location, and a fully interactive search form and Google map. Paid features include the ability to search by categories, bulk import listings via CSV, full responsiveness, ability to show or hide map and much more.

  1. VO Locator

VO is a very simple yet powerful plugin that offers all of the features you are looking for in a directory resource. Unlike some plugins, VO Locator is fully responsive and ready out of the box for any device. VO is also shortcode supported, to allow for easy integration. You can easily customize the appearance of listings and map listings to match your theme and locations can be added easily by entering the address- no need to worry about coordinates.

  1. Locatoraid

Locatoraid is a more streamlined and basic solution that offers an uncomplicated interface and workflow management system. Search is based on zip/post codes and provides results by distance, state or city. It even offers driving directions to any location. The paid version also offers the ability to bulk import locations via CSV, customized fields, location priority, and advanced stats to see what your users are searching for.

  1. Store Locator Plus: Janitor

As a bonus, we would like to cover an add-on for the Store Locator Plus plugin. It is a free add-on pack that helps in cleaning up your installations and settings which might get in the way of upgrades or installation on a new server. With this add-on, your plugin will behave as if it’s activating on a fresh install.

Adding a store locator or directory to your website can be a strong move to further power your site and offer a new way to monetize it. Think outside of the box and you can find an endless stream of options for using a directory. Whether it be a store locator, professionals, restaurants, classes, instructors, medical professionals, etc- these plugins could be exactly what you are looking for.


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