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Recommend Articles to Your Readers with WordPress Plugins

There is a saying on the internet, “content is king.” If you don’t have consistent quality, engaging and fresh content on your page then you can’t expect visitors to stick around or make repeat visits. But even if you do have frequently updated content that is relevant and well-written, if people can’t find it then it might as well not even exist. One way to guide customers to your site and increase engagement and site visit time is with related articles. No doubt you’ve seen this on different news sites or magazine type sites. It’s a great tool to keep visitors click on pages, and if you have monetized your site with ads then this is absolutely key. Here are a few of our favorite plugins that make related articles a breeze to integrate.

  1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

might well be the kind of related posts plugins with over 300,000 active installations and counting. It offers the ability to display not only related posts by other relevant content including pages and custom post types. And if you go pro with YARPP you can get incredible features like displaying related content from multiple sites and even displaying sponsored content to monetize your site. But even basic offers all the great features you need to step up your content game.

  1. Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts is a powerful tool that features a rich suite of tools and customizations that is easy to use and integrate and offers everything you need to get started. You can feature thumbnailed post listings as well as plain text lists of links. You can fully customize the display and it features support for shortcodes, widgets, custom posts types and injecting your own custom CSS. It’s easy to use too with the option to let it automatically start displaying related posts are manually control how it pulls in the related articles.

  1. Yuzo Related Posts

Yuzo is a hot new related posts plugin that is rising through the ranks with a bullet. And is constantly being updated with fixes and new features and over 10,000 active installs already. Speaking of fast, it is considered one of the very fastest plugins on the market with incredibly optimized code. Part of that comes from its ability to cache images and SQL for fastest load times. It also features offers over 60 different customization options for both structure and design.

  1. Related posts for WordPress

This one is a relatively simple plugin that offers a quick and easy way to start offering contextual content on your site. It has a very simple to use install wizard that does all of the work for you and automatically starts adding related posts immediately on your content. With the premium option, you can further customize your experience with multisite options, customized taxonomy and even support for custom post types.

  1. Related Posts by Zemanta

Zemanta’s plugin comes recommended by nRelate as the best option they consider to their now discontinued related content plugin. It features a similar but upgraded interface that offers even more than ever. It allows you to curate your related content or automatically allow Zemanta to suggest content from sources around the web, or you can even use both. Another great feature is in-text links recommendations that point to popular sources like Wikipedia, IMDB, and YouTube.

  1. Amity Related Posts

If you are looking for a simple and more basic option that offers an unobtrusive presence on your page while still serving up related content from within tagged categories. It comes out of the box minimally styled so that you can set it to fit your theme, and offers both grid views and list views that are fully responsive.

  1. Simply Related Posts

Simply Related offers a minimal package that offers a simple interface and experience. It serves up results based on tags and is only visible when the shortcode is injected. It will not show up on archives or search templates.

There are many options out there for exposing your visitors to more of your content and increase your page views. Best of all, many of these options are incredibly rich and completely free. So consider what your needs are and look at how much focus you want to put on your contextual content. You loose money each passing day when you’re not taking full advance of your audience, so it’s best to act now!


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