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Discover the Best Way to Use Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Getting your site and your product is, of course, the goal you should be aspiring too. So you put together a marketing plan; social media, paid ads, SEO, etc. However, you have to remember that the most powerful tool you have in marketing is testimonials and word of mouth advertising. If you can get people talking about how great you are, then you really start getting momentum in building a reputation. These tools will help you get these messages in front of more people in a way that is unobtrusive and easy to manage. Here are 6 that we like.

  1. Testimonials

‘Testimonials’ is a feature-rich plugin that offers many solutions for managing and displaying your testimonials. As well as doing so in a stylish and customizable way. All layouts are fully responsive, with four options available: sliding carousel, thumbnails, grid, and list. It also comes with many options for customizing your style. The ‘Testimonials’ is widget ready and comes with a shortcode generator for easy integration as well. You can even display a photo of the reviewer and a star rating in some layouts.

  1. AB Testimonial

AB Testimonial offers a clean interface and allows you to also clearly display your testimonials in a way that compliments any site design. It is built on the latest jQuery and utilizes Ajax for optimal performance as well. jQuery is used to display the testimonial slider that is provided, and the user can submit their testimonials via the Ajax powered submission form on the front end. It’s all a very well designed and seamless process from beginning to end, and lets users take an active role in the process.

  1. Testimonials Showcase

Showcase offers a solution that puts a big focus on giving you options for displaying your testimonials. There are many slider and grid layouts available, as well as different formats for display one testimonial
at a time on a page. You also get further flexibility with 15 points of customization available for layouts. You can also utilize a front-end submission form on your page. It also features the ability provide links on testimonials so that you can lead users to case studies, or users websites, etc.

  1. Teams Logos Testimonials Locations

This one is actually a complete suite of tools for any business, and a great value to boot. They offer 5 different templates for each of the content types and a huge number of styling options. It also comes with jQuery live preview- no refresh needed- plus jQuery slider options, CSS3 effects, animation and hover effects. The design isn’t flashy but should integrate well with most any design.

  1. Easy Testimonial Manager

The testimonial manager is a great example of doing what you expect and running the bases well. You won’t find all the features you get in some other solutions, however with simplicity comes options. You can really start from the ground up on making it yours and custom fitting it to your site’s look and feel.


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