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Increase Your Sales with WordPress Landing Page Plugins

You probably haven’t put much thought into landing pages or coming soon pages. However, you are missing out on an important solution for your site building. There are a few different reasons why this could be relevant to you. First off, it can serve as an important placeholder for your site as you build it. It is a good idea to get something up as soon as your purchase a domain just in case anyone winds up searching your domain or accidentally going to your page. And you can immediately start distributing your address knowing that, while you won’t be putting everything out there yet, you can start building engagement. You can introduce yourself, collect emails for subscriptions or engage your users otherwise. The other reason is to supplement your existing site. Utilizing a sub-domain or sub-folder, you can set up a landing page strictly for gathering leads. You want to get it up and working for you quickly, and this is a great way to manage your lead generation without interfering with your main site and worry about the two conflicting. Here are some plugins that we think top the list for creating these important but overlooked pages.

  1. Ultimate Landing Page (Free)

Ultimate Landing Page promises a high-converting landing page in minutes so that you can start gathering leads immediately. Ultimate operates immediately out of the box and comes with several built-in themes to customize your look. This will also let you quickly switch templates to test what works best for your conversions. This allows you the ability to A/B test your site and really dial things in. This is a complete solution that offers form generation, SEO tools, and more. A great tool to quickly get rolling.

  1. WP Landing Page (Free)

This is a cool little plugin that is simple to use and allows you to quickly get set up. Customization is a bit trickier but it’s a great option for those looking for a fast option. It comes with several custom templates and you can even edit your page on the front end for quick changes. It’s super simple to set up your page with the use of shortcodes, allowing you to build your page with no coding or development experience.

  1. AIO WP Builder (Free)

This one is a sleeper. AIO is a beautiful and powerful plugin that offers a feature rich builder that allows you to visually build your landing page faster than ever. No shortcodes, no HTML, no CSS. Just drag-and-drop the elements you want on your page. You can quickly build out a page that suits your needs and is custom built to your needs and design ideas. Best of all, they have taken out the guesswork on mobile sites as every outputted page is 100% responsive. That’s huge when it comes to capturing that mobile market.

  1. Marketing Optimizer (Free)

Optimizer offers a really complete suite of tools and features. Not only will you be able to create landing pages, you can create variations on your page and use its true A/B testing tool to fine tune your landing page for increased conversion rates. You can also easily manage variations from one location and testing suite. It even comes with Gravity Forms built-in so you don’t have to worry about how you will be collecting your leads.

  1. Pootle Page Builder (Free)

Pootle, aside from a great name, offers you a different experience than many landing page options. Perhaps you have used a page builder plugin before like WP Bakery, well Pootle takes that experience and rolls it into creating dynamic and original landing pages that break free of the mold of an out of the box WP installation. You can create rows, columns, and cells to block out your page and even customize the look of individual cells to really show off your design skills. However, it has been designed to be a seamless experience with WordPress that won’t throw you for a loop when building your pages. It also offers some options to make your landing page a bit more robust by offering add-ons that support portfolios, WooCommerce, and Photography displays.

Landing pages are really a great concept. They are a sort of front-line tool for marketing that can help you not only collect leads or make sales, but also take the temperature of your audience and gauge how people are interacting with you. They are also great to use with PPC (pay per click) or paid advertising campaigns so that you can get potential customers and users engaged quickly without overwhelming them. Try it out, you will find you can create an endless number of sub-domains and landing pages that allow you the ability to support all of your marketing campaigns and take stock of what your customers want to see.


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