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Top 4 WordPress Dating Site Themes

Online dating is big business, and if you are like most people- you’ve probably taken part in it. There is no shame in using an online dating website, many couples have met that way. But maybe you’ve spent some time on some of these sites and thought maybe you could do it better. Maybe you’ve thought of the perfect niche market that hasn’t been served. Whatever the case, with WordPress, starting an online dating site is fast and easy. And we want to show you 4 themes that will get you well on the way to starting your online dating empire.

  1. Sweet Date – More than a WordPress Dating Theme

Sweet Date is a very clean and and unique premium theme for WordPress that is both responsive and designed to minimize server load. Which, for a dating site, is a big thing to keep in mind. It’s designed to be a dating website with features you need and your users demand- while still letting you customize for your market. Out of the box it comes configured for membership levels and full control over what can be accessed by each level. You can even register and login with Facebook. This theme aims to take the guesswork out of starting a successful dating site.

  1. LoveStory – Dating WordPress Theme

LoveStory has made it part of its mission to be an all-in-one solution for building a dating site by creating a great theme and baking in all the features you would normally source out to a plugin. It is responsive and retina-ready, and highly customizable. You can set up your access and memberships levels- and from there users can take advantage of Facebook registration and login, live chat, private messages, and a very cool ability to send virtual gifts to impress anyone that catches their fancy. It takes advantage of WordPress’ framework by extending the existing profile system- making this solution run smoothly and less likely to glitch.

  1. Online Dating

Online Dating is an e-dating theme available from Premium Press that has proven to be a popular solution for communities, online dating, as well as other match-making opportunities. It is a very complete suite of modules for creating and managing an online dating site. You will be able to offer both free and paid membership models and set access to all of your features by level. Members can use private messaging, gifts, profile comments, and built-in chatrooms- something not offered in many online dating tools and themes.

  1. Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme

This solution is a bit outside of the box. At first blush, it’s not a straight-forward online dating choice. However, this could be exactly what you are looking for if you want to start something a bit more community based. Salutation is a gorgeous and responsive WordPress theme, and when you couple it with BuddyPress it opens up a lot of options. You suddenly have profiles, messages, public walls, forums, and endless plugins and add-ons to add just about anything you can imagine for dating website functionality.


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