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Understanding Premium WordPress Themes

themeforest wordpressThere is a lot to love about WordPress. Obviously, it is well-supported and incredibly strong- it can support nearly any need you can imagine in a website and it’s easy to maintain. However, one of the strongest selling points about WordPress is how customizable it is. You can use one of the out-of-the-box themes that come with WordPress, but that is only the beginning. There is an entire world of themes out there that can not only make your site distinctive, they can change the very way your site works. With customization options and built-in functionality and plugins, themes will change the way you WordPress. There are a few top options though for buying premium themes, and we think you need to know the top 3.

First out of the gate is the largest marketplace online for premium WordPress themes, With over 5300 themes available from hundreds of developers, there is no larger selection online. Their themes are organized and searchable throughout several categories and specifications. You can find themes that are for businesses, for example, but that are further broken down by responsiveness and features. The major bonus with Theme Forest is that it is a living collection. Themes are constantly updated and curated by the developers with support coming directly from the people that created the theme. There is practically no solution you can’t find on Theme Forest. Themes average $40 as a one-time fee.

Next up is another heavy hitter in the premium theme market, Elegant Themes offers a membership model where you gain access to every theme in their collection. However, the collection is much smaller at 87 themes. The upside is that with their membership model, you can choose what you get and how much you want to pay. Elegant Themes offers 3 levels of membership from $69 a year up to $249 for a lifetime membership. Different levels give you access to premium technical support, layered Photoshop files and no yearly fees. Keep in mind that usage and access are reliant on membership. You will only have access to updates for downloaded and licensed themes you have already downloaded when you let membership lapse.

Finally, rounding out the big three is Cyberchimps also offers a smaller number of themes, only 18, however, they offer the option to purchase all of the themes for $67 with one year of access to any new themes. Or, if you prefer you can purchase just one theme at an average of $40. Cyberchimps tend to be simpler themes that are ready for heavier customization. While a few do offer more advanced features, generally they are not as powerful as themes found on other sites.

Out of the three, is the best choice for WordPress users of all levels. While there is no “all-access” membership, and you must pay for each theme- the individual themes are more powerful and more focused to certain purposes. Support is offered in the comments section as well as managed through the developers own means, with updates coming constantly. You can view demos and create lists of themes so that you can really research your options. Plus, quite frankly, has a great reputation than any of the competition. They have been around for many years and have agreements with some of the top WordPress developers in the world. For choice, security, updates and customization- Theme Forest is a clear choice.


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