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Top 23 Google Map WordPress Plugins

This should be a no-brainer, but there are so many applications on the web that are made better and more usable by the addition of a map, especially a dynamic one. Once upon a time on the web, adding a map to your website or web application was nearly impossible. At least anything resembling useful. For a long time, the best you could do is a static image of a map that you were able to pull up. Eventually, we had MapQuest, which we could link to and let people find directions. Then Google Maps came along. It streamlined and improved the inclusion of maps exponentially. You could now show multiple locations, zoomable views, and more. While it is easier to add Google Maps than traditional efforts, WordPress goes the extra mile to make it even better. Here are 23 plugins that are ready to help you find your way.

  1. Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Basic isn’t bad, and this Placemarks plugin proves that point. You can create any number of unique maps with the ability to place markers anywhere on the map. You can use different map types and set the level for each map, customized to show all of the markers set on unique maps. Integration is easy with shortcodes for each individual map. There are also shortcodes to create lists of markers, for better SEO. Maps also come with plenty of filters for a great search experience for your visitors.

  1. Comprehensive Google Map

This one is a fully functional premium plugin without a premium price tag. There are incredible customization options, including over 250 custom markers to choose from out of the box. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that doesn’t require lots of finessing. And ‘street view‘ is available as well. It also comes with widgets to further its usability. You can even take a user’s current location and show them closest locations and make finding directions easy.

  1. Leaflet Maps Marker (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps)

Leaflet aims to be the very best all-inclusive solution for online maps. It includes support for Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and Bing Maps– meaning, whatever your preference, they’ve got you covered. It features a great solution that boasts pin-able favorites, mouseover descriptions and images, and individual zoom level and size. They also offer a premium version with even more features. But that doesn’t take away from the great solutions the free plugin provides.

  1. Free Google Maps Travel Route

Perhaps you want to take the guesswork out of planning out routes, or you want to visually show the course of a trip, maybe the route of a parade. With this plugin, you can do all this and more with incredible ease. It is shortcode enabled and allows you insert a Google Map with travel route into pages, posts, and sidebars. It even comes with a ready-made widget. And your route is completely customizable.

  1. Google Maps Widget

This widget plugin is a widely-used and frequently updated tool that aims to correct the mistakes of slower and buggier map plugins. It also looks to improve the setup process with quicker and more intuitive implementation. You can customize map size, type (including street view), color scheme, zoom level, pin color and size, labels, and popups. A great solution in and of itself, the pro version offers, even more, choices and customization.

  1. Google Maps Easy

Want to show lots of locations at once, or perhaps cover all the stops on an itinerary? This plugin simplifies the process and is quickly gaining support with over 20,000 installs and frequent updates and curation. It works with any theme, and setup couldn’t be easier. The map builder is live, allowing you to see exactly what you are doing every step of the way. Huge plus, it’s also fully responsive.

  1. Google Maps VE

Google Maps VE is a powerful up-and-coming app that shows a lot of promise and looks to be a possible game changer. VE is built to work seamlessly with WordPress and takes its cues on functionality from the core of WordPress. It has a full-featured editor and is implemented with shortcode. And it comes with several themes for customization. Not to mention the built in widgets to extend its function and use.

  1. Google Map with FancyBox Popup

This is a great addition for websites listing multiple locations for businesses or perhaps real estate. It allows you to add a custom Google Map into popup windows. This is a great extension of the functionality of FancyBox, similar in form to Lightbox. It’s powered by jQuery and designed to not interfere with any other plugin implementations on your site. With one click, visitors can see everything they need for every location.

  1. Google Maps All In One

Truly an all-inclusive package that takes Google Map integration to the next level. It takes the pain out of creating maps by cutting out creating accounts, or copying links- you never even have to visit Google Maps. Everything is taken care of within the editor itself. It’s a great time-saver and helps keep everything simple.

  1. WPME Google Maps

A great addition to the map plugin arena, WPME allows you to easily create and embed maps on posts or pages with ‘shortcode‘. Its real strength comes in its ability to easily manage multiple addresses on each map. This is going to make managing categories of maps so much easier. And, as they claim, putting a map on your page can take less than a minute.

  1. WP Google Map Short Code

Want to keep it super simple? I mean super simple? Believe us, it doesn’t get easier than this. With this plugin all you have to do is go to the page or post you want a map in and simply insert the following shortcode [google_map address=”your address here”]. That’s literally it. If you need a basic map application for your page, there is just no better option. No muss, no fuss.

  1. WP Google Maps

This one is pretty straightforward. It claims to be the easiest Google Maps plugin to use, and they might just be right. With its basic plugin, you can create a map with unlimited location markers. Great for a small business website. However, they also offer a pro version that goes above and beyond with more incredible features. But that’s one to cover in another post.

  1. WP Google Map Plugin

A simple plugin that offers lots of features, this can be as big as you want. You can add unlimited locations, maps, and install them all with shortcode. They are all responsive (so important) and support multi-lingual and multisite installations. This also gives you ultimate control over the fine points like being able to finesse the map view down to street location and pitch (direction) of the view- no hunting for visitors. They also offer a premium version with even more features.

  1. WordPress Google Map Professional (Map In Your Language)

An older plugin, this one still has lots of life in it. Just don’t expect any updates. If nothing else, it’s a great entry-level option as it requires no coding and makes creating a map and location super simple. It also supports multiple languages, so for those with an international audience, it’s a great option. Simply enter in a few variables and paste the shortcode. Couldn’t be easier.

  1. MapMaker Enhanced Google Maps

Love Google Maps but want to customize it and put your own mark on it? MapMaker is your friend indeed. It offers limitless locations as well as tooltip popups for each one. You can even add photos and video galleries for every location. And you can customize the view with custom images with 2 levels of zoom. Or stick with regular Google Maps mode for unlimited zoom levels.

  1. MapPress Easy Google Maps

MapPress actually brings the map building process directly to your post and page editing screens. It can be as easy as just entering an address. You can add directions as well for even greater functionality. Plus, if you want to get granular, MapPress is there for you. You can create custom HTML and CSS for map markers including pictures, links, and more. This is truly a customizer’s paradise, do as little or as much as you like.

  1. Maps Builder – Google Maps Plugin

Now we are talking robust, but not complex. Maps Builder was built from the ground up to not only be a great Google Maps plugin but also to be a perfect fit for WordPress. They have steered away from taking a PHP script and adapting it to WordPress, it was purpose-built. You get a full-screen live map builder, which takes all the guesswork out; and you will get API integration, Snazzy Maps integration, and unique marker icons. Best of all? It has a very small impact on your sites processing. It doesn’t even add any database tables to stress DB calls. How great is that?

  1. Pronamic Google Maps

Pronamic doesn’t look to reinvent the wheel, but they have made some improvements. First of all, it is optimized for version 3 of Google Map’s API- while many still are on 2. That means no more APIs. This one also offers the feature of no additional database tables being created, and you insert your maps with a simple shortcode.

  1. Intergeo Maps – Google Maps Plugin

A simple, yet powerful plugin, Intergeo offers a lite plugin that is feature-rich and easy to use. You will be at the helm of a robust and powerful UI that allows quick creation of maps as well as editing existing maps. You control every element of zoom, positioning, and controls; and you can customize with color styles and overlays. Not to mention, Intergeo is AdSense ready for each map.

  1. Responsive Styled Google Maps Simplified

They are not kidding when they say simplified. This is an easy way to add a full-width and responsive map to any post, page, sidebar, or template area on your site. And you have the option of a standard full-color map or a stylish black and white one if you are going with a monochromatic look. And it all integrates with shortcode for all of your customizations.

  1. VCAT EDULABS Posts at Google Maps

VCAT EDULABS is a plugin that aims to be a solution for annotation. Want to show the location of a photo or a post? Want to write something about a news article and give some context? This is a lightweight way to do it. It comes with a simple interface that allows for creating your map on a post screen; no going back and forth and having to copy and paste.

  1. Robo Maps

Robo Maps does a lot of what you saw and does it well with an eye towards simplicity. It is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress and give you the options you need without all the distractions. It can be put into a post, page, or widget easily; and you can even put multiple maps on one page. Plenty of control over the fine points, it gives you a shortcode builder to take out the guess work.

  1. Simple Map

Simple is the key here, with the ability to inject a map with very simple shortcode. In fact, it can be as easy as [map]San Francisco, California[/map]. Not too shabby, eh? But you can also dial in with latitude and longitude as well as entering in text for tooltips. A great way to put a little shine on a very simple and easy to use tool


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