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Make Shopping Easy for Your Customers with eCommerce WordPress Plugins

If you are using WordPress for your eCommerce business, you shouldn’t let yourself be outdated to the most important and widely used WordPress plug-ins today that can make any online site even manageable and functional to both site owners and end-users. Below are the eCommerce WordPress plugins which you need to know about.

  1. WooCommerce

    This free plug-in allows you to gorgeously sell anything, both digital and physical goods in any size and shape. It also offers product variations, accepts major credit cards, and instant downloads to shoppers and even sell affiliate goods from online marketplaces. This is the most favorite WordPress eCommerce solution all over the world as it gives both the developers and store owners complete control.

  2. WP eCommerce

    This plug-in can convert visitors to real customers. As one of the most relied on open-source solutions for business owners around the world, it offers a gorgeous online store and safe shopping cart.

  3. Easy Digital Downloads

    This simple to set up plug-in lets you sell in a matter of minutes after installation. After adding your products and payment options, it is now ready to be of use. What sets this plug-in different from others is that it offers simple data tables and gorgeous graphs for an easier and simpler to analyze earnings and sales.

  4. WPMUDEV MarketPress

    This online marketplace provides a first-class shopping experience as it presents vividly marked price tags, bold descriptions and guided navigation to shop, checkout, to the cart and to the final delivery with no single extension. Whatever you sell, it creates stunning product pages the quick and easy way.

  5. Cart66 Lite

    This powerful WordPress plugin can sell physical products, currency, manage orders, sell services, sell digital products with its Amazon S3 integration, has several shipping options, customizable email receipts, affiliate platform integration and a lot more.

  6. iTheme Exchange

    This WordPress plug-in believes that your products are not blog posts. That is why they present an experience that lets you create simple and intuitive products. It can split your many features into add-ons. This way, you will only see that your store needs, making it simple to manage and use.

  7. JigoShop

    This eCommerce platform presents broad functionality, professional support packages and simple migration options. It is proud of its powerful SEO features, marketing tools that can draw more attention and simple shop management through easy and quick to download physical products or services.

  8. Shopp

    This is a secured plug-in as it passes PCI vulnerability scans every single day. It is even partnered with McAfee to score a big discount in PCI scanning of your customers. This lets the good people in and the bad people out. They have their own tricks to secure your store and your valued customers.

  9. eShop

    As a very available WordPress shopping cart plug-in, this presents jam packed features like customer sign up, basic statistics, downloadable sales data, several shipping options, configurable out of stock messages, sales tax, Google Base Data creation, WPMU, multisite compatible and a lot more.

  10. WP EasyCart

    As a WordPress shopping cart plug-in that can be installed within minutes, this plug-in offers administrative software so that you no longer need to utilize WordPress to be able to manage your shopping cart.

  11. POWr eCommerce

    This free cloud-based plug-in is an easy way sell products, to download and subscribe. This allows you to edit your web page live. You can get this in either free or paid version.

  12. WPshop – eCommerce

    This easy to use and powerful plug-in can turn your WordPress site into a real eCommerce site. Developed in France, it offers ready for eCommerce WordPress themes that are optimized and responsive on tablets and mobile devices.

  13. WP Marketplace

    This is a full-featured eCommerce solution that is incredibly simple to install and maintain. In a few clicks, you can already turn your site into a full- featured store.

  14. WP Deposit

    This plug-in allows you to run a financial system on your WordPress site. It permits your users to securely deposit money on their personal account and spend them out on subscriptions, advertisements and others.


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