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The Best Mobile Responsive WordPress Plugins

Over the past years, websites have progressed from being text-heavy and bland affairs to a complete media experience. And the reasons are obvious, people dissuaded faster and flashier multimedia products also search for a multi-sensory input from the sites they visit. We all know that the better website experience you have, the more attractive the site is to the potential audience. In that case, WordPress is helpful to achieve your website needs.

To help you better, here are the top 15 responsive WordPress plug-ins that you can use.

1) WPTouch

It is a WordPress mobile plugin that automatically adds an elegant and simple theme for mobile viewers to your WordPress site. WPTouch instantly supports a mobile-friendly version of a website, passing the Google Mobile test. Its administration panel enables the user to customize several features of its appearance, delivers a stylish, user-friendly and fast version of a website to the mobile visitors.

2) WP Mobile Detector

Whether you have iPad, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone and other phones, WP Mobile Detector can organize WordPress websites. It automatically detects advanced and standard mobile devices and presents a well-suited WordPress mobile theme. With image resizing, innovative mobile statistics, automatically formatted content and 5,000 plus mobile phones detection, WP Mobile Detector can give your mobile viewers their desired experience.

3) WP Mobile Edition

Fully optimized for delivering the best performance on smartphones, well-matched with Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone. It’s easy and simple to use plus, the intuitive page setting will give you full control. The pack includes mobile switcher, a standard mobile theme, demo and languages available.

4) Respond.js for WP

A lightweight and fast poly fill for minimum and maximum width CSS3 Media Queries, supporting IE 6 onwards.

5) Mofuse

The features it includes are click to call, custom integration, form builder, store locator, Google tools, mobile advertising and optimization, redirect code, design tools, M-Commerce, mobile analytics and social sharing.

6) iThemes Mobile

It easily generates device-aware mobile themes for a website. It features mobile theme style manager, built-in custom header uploader, mobile starter themes, devices and assigned themes and custom navigation/menus.

7) Any Mobile Theme Switcher WordPress Plug-in

Detects mobile browser also, it displays the theme as a setting done from the admin. It is useful for Mobile Theme switch.

8) Handheld Mobile Plug-in

It works together with the normal theme of a user and serving another layout to their mobile visitors. The alternate design makes a boosted mobile experience. Handheld beautifully works on modern IOS and Android phones, plus coded in HTML5.

9) Mobile Smart

It allows a WordPress website to switch the theme if users visit it with a mobile device and adds template tags.

10) Tabby Responsive Tabs

Forms responsive tabs in your custom post content, pages or posts through adding simple shortcodes in the post editor.

11) Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Has the ability to add effusively responsive slider plug-in for the WordPress blog users. You may add endless image slides in one slider with multiple image uploader.

12) WP Responsive Photo Gallery

A beautiful responsive plugin photo gallery for WordPress sites and blogs. You can manage to add any images number in the photo gallery.

These responsive WordPress plugins add an irreplaceable setting in your website or blog. However, use plugins with caution as they can completely break your website if used mistakenly. You may need to read up a little on this, but sometimes you must backup your site totally before installing the plug-ins since they can change the files causing all kinds of issues.


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