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Secure Your Sites Content with WordPress Plugins

Accidents happen to websites. Almost everyone at some point has experienced crashing their site or having it attacked by a hacker. Especially WordPress site owners, who are often the target of force attacks. Not to mention the danger of a client crashing their site when they go do the thing you told them not to do. Again. Here is a listing of a few plugins and services that can help you in keeping sites backed up and protected- saving you many headaches.’

  1. VaultPress

Vault offers most of the features you would expect to find in a backup plugin. It offers automated backups and an easy restore process. You can download any backup to keep it offline for additional protection as well. It also offers daily security scans and 1-click repairs- a great feature to have. Plus, everything is all managed from a very easy to use admin dashboard. When you need help, they have a roster of WordPress experts ready to help you with any step along the way.

  1. BackupBuddy

You are not only getting a backup plugin with this one, you are also getting a powerful development and management tool. You can create a package of your entire site and make moving it from a development environment to a live one easily and quickly. And, unlike many backup solutions, BackupBuddy performs a COMPLETE backup that includes all files (media library, theme files, plugins, etc.).

  1. BackWPup

BackWPup offers the ability to back-up a complete installation and all files as well as some other solutions. However, what sets it apart is the ability and flexibility of what to do with backups. You have many options for saving including in different formats such as zip, tar, tar.gz, and tar.bz2. You can save your backups to a local folder such as /wp-content/ as well as sending them out to services like Dropbox or SC. You can even send it to a different FTP server for even greater backup security. It also provides you the ability to optimize your database.Keep in mind that some of these features are limited in the free version.

  1. BackUpWordPress

BackUpWordPress is an ‘easy to use‘ plug-in that offers the most common features that you would be looking for in this type of plugin. It backs up your database and files, and you can set up the schedule that works for you. It is well supported and updated often for current WP releases. You also have the option of having each backup emailed to you for safe keeping. You can get granular in your updates as well, allowing for the ability to pick and choose what files and folder you want or don’t want to include in your regularly scheduled back-ups.

  1. UpdraftPlus

Updraft is a very advanced plugin that boasts being the most used backup solution for WordPress in the world. One of the great strengths of Updraft is that it supports most major cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, FTP, etc. However, you can also opt for your own Updraft Vault, a fully curated cloud option that is maintained and monitored by support staff and offers no setup, or complicated steps. You start out with 1 GB of storage, and can upgrade that at any time. Updraft also supports encryption at different security levels as well, for additional security.

  1. Duplicator

This one is a pretty simple backup utility for creating a full snapshot of your site. However, it’s real strength comes in its ability to migrate sites with the copies. You can also clone a site to allow quick creation of similar sites. This makes it a very powerful tool for development and site management.

  1. WP-DB-Backup

There isn’t a lot to say about WP-DB-Backup. It’s a simple manual database backup plugin that does exactly what it says, no bells and no whistles. You may need some development experience if you want to customize it or run into any problems. However, it is still widely used plugin, with over 500,000 active installs.

  1. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

For those looking for an uncomplicated and easy to use option, but don’t have development experience, you can look to WordPress Backup to Dropbox. It offers the ability to backup your entire site including files to both Dropbox and on your server. You also have the option to choose what gets backed up. Plus, the plugin uses OAuth so your Dropbox account details are not stored for the plugin to gain access.

  1. Snapshot Pro

Snapshot Pro doesn’t attempt to recreate the wheel, they simply run the bases very well. You can backup your site with Dropbox or S3, and it fully supports multisite WP installations. Snapshot Pro is a virtual WP time machine, creating unlimited snapshots of your site and one-click restoration. You can schedule regular backups on-demand or as often as every 5 minutes if you like. As with other options, you can save directly to cloud services including Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Google Drive as well as FTP/SFTP servers.

  1. MyRepono

MyRepono is another no-frills, clean backup solution for WordPress. You will be able to save your site database and files to a secure web-based management system. They offer file restoration tools, file encryption, and backup compression. With MyRepono, you can perform scheduled back-ups and even perform remote back-ups as well. MyRepono is also fully compatible with 99% of web servers and hosting companies supporting Unix, Linux, and Windows servers.


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