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The Top Five Reasons You Should Be Checking Out Site5 Web Hosting

Web hosting is an important decision when it comes to launching a site. It will site5dictate much of the performance, and thus SEO ranking, of your site. However, many people overlook this important step and instead go with the cheapest web host or the first one they find. If you want to set your site up for success then you need to choose a good host. And one that we recommend is Site5, a web host that positions itself as the host for developers that want real control.

So what sets Site5 apart?

  1. Phenomenal Support

supportSite5 puts the control in your hands, offering unparalleled support via an entire suite of solutions. They offer a complete knowledge base of information, as well as a question and answer forum as a first line. They also offer a spread of tools including network status and uptime reports. For problems that require direct support, you can reach their one on one support staff experts via email, phone or live chat.

  1. Reliability

Reliability is the most important factor for any web host. If you can’t count on it being up when people want to visit your site, it’s worthless. Site5 offers a redundant system with servers literally across the country and all over the world. They are constantly monitored in one-minute intervals and you can check the status at any time via their uptime reports. This all adds up to a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

  1. Lightning Speed

Site load times are a huge factor in your site’s search engine ranking, not to mention user experience. It only takes one bad visit and a slow page load to drive away a visitor. That’s why Site5 is armed with world-class web servers. Each server comes with at least a Dual 5530 Gainstown processor with 8 cores, Raid-10 protected hard disk space and 8 GB of RAM. Along with unthrottled and unlimited bandwidth, you will never have to worry about your site’s speed.

  1. Server Packages and Plans

Site5 offers a variety of hosting solutions including shared hosting with basic, pro and turbo packages. There are also VPS (virtual private servers) hosting solutions for those with a need for even higher performance and greater security. And you can even get into reselling hosting plans under your own branded reseller packages.

  1. Remote Backup and Site Restoration

backupYou never know when the worst can happen to your site, it is vital to keep your site backed up on a regular basis. Of course, most people don’t have trouble remembering to keep to a backup schedule. That’s why Site5 does automatic backups nightly, and you can perform on-demand backups as well. You are also provided with all the tools to completely restore your site- no need to wait on a support ticket.

Don’t just go with the first web host that comes up on Google. Make an informed decision and choose the web host that offers the solutions you need and has the reputation you want. That’s why we can overwhelmingly endorse Site5.


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