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The Top 9 WordPress Customer Support Plugins

One of the major reasons we, as developers, choose to develop sites for our clients in WordPress is that it is an easier package to hand off. Generally, with a little practice and some guidance, many clients can fully manage their site with little to no problems. That’s the ideal- less frustration for them and fewer support hours you have to build in and bill for. Everyone is happy. However, sometimes direct support is needed. These plugins aim to help make that task a bit easier.

  1. ZenDesk

ZenDesk is a complete support solution that offers a ticketing system and knowledge base that turns your site into a helpdesk. You will be able to brand your support system and offer it as a value-added feature when selling your services. ZenDesk uses a single sign-on system that creates an easy flow for users you already have on your site.

  1. Q and A Focus Plus FAQ

This plugin offers a Q&A board with Q&A and knowledgebase features built in. They provide an easy-to-use fully searchable FAQ for your WordPress powered site. You have the ability to tag answers and questions as well, meaning easier searching for users.

  1. Awesome Support

This ticketing system offers a fully integrated support system that is completely “plug and play.” The design is responsive as well, which is very appreciated. Within the ticketing system, you get features such as email notification for all interested parties on a ticket, restricted access (to hide sensitive site information and make conversations private), file uploads and the ability to support multiple projects.

  1. Video User Manuals

This plugin turns your site into a video tutorial destination, with 89 training videos available for users to access and learn everything they need to know about WordPress. Now you won’t have to write any manuals and can spend less time training and more time developing.

  1. White Label CMS

White Label allows you greater flexibility in customizing the backend of the site, something often left untouched by developers. You would be amazed the effect it can have on a client to see their site completely branded- even on the backend. It makes it look more professional and helps to eliminate the “well, I could have done that.” comments. Plus you can customize what they see, so you don’t dazzle them with too much info.

  1. Help Scout

Help Scout from Sprout Apps, creates a no-fuss ticketing system that is very user-friendly for both you and your clients. For you, installation is a breeze with a quick install and a few shortcodes. For your clients, they can create tickets without requiring them to email in anything. Everything is done on-site.

  1. WPHelpDesk

WPHelpDesk is a very solid ticketing system that offers real scalability for multiple person operations and small agencies. Support staff can communicate with each other and see each other’s tickets to make sure nothing falls between the cracks. And with assigned tickets, you don’t have to worry about two people working on the same ticket.

  1. WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

WP Support is a ticketing support system that is designed responsively (a must) and comes powered with 100% Ajax functionality. Users have the ability to submit tickets and affect the status, priority, and category of the tickets. Another scalable option with some support for multiple users and supervisors.

  1. Sola Support Tickets

Sola is a free support ticketing system that offers additional functionality as a premium add-on. With the premium features, you can get things like macros, which will set up ready-made responses for tickets, that ability to assign tickets to other agents and even allow guests to submit support tickets. Out of the box, the free version only provides support for a single agent.

You alone know what your needs are for support, and a lot of that depends on the types of clients you take on. Which solution you choose will depend heavily on that, and what your situation is- whether you are a solo operation or working with others. Ideally, for best results, try to cover all your bases. By combining a video tutorial system and ticketing system and knowledge base you are setting yourself up for success by maximizing the user’s ability to solve problems themselves. And that should always be the goal.


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