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The Top 9 Testimonial Plugins for Your WordPress Site

There is absolutely no doubt that testimonials are powerful and important tools in winning over customer confidence. A good testimonial can be the deciding factor in whether a customer does business with you. It lets them see that others have done business with you and been happy. Plus, it shows that you have a solid reputation. That all adds up to more sales, and isn’t that the goal?

Of course, testimonials mean nothing if your audience can’t see them. Thankfully, if you have a WordPress site it is incredibly easy to show off your testimonials in an interesting and eye-catching way. There are many out there, but here is a look at our 9 favorites.

  1. Easy Testimonials

This is a pretty straightforward plugin that is easy-to-use and setup, however, it does offer some great options and even more if you are willing to upgrade to pro. Easy allows random testimonials to be embedded as a widget or directly into a page with shortcodes. You also have the option of adding pictures and ratings. However, with ‘pro’ you can actually set up a form to directly collect testimonials.

  1. Testimonials Widget

Testimonials Widget is a bit more stripped down plugin that was designed with testimonials in mind, but also works well for random portfolio items, quotes, reviews or text. If you like you can even have testimonials broken out by category, so you can refine what you are showing. This one works as a widget and as a shortcode embed.

  1. Testimonial Basics

Basics is a full featured plugin that offers everything you need to get started with testimonials in a free package. It allows ratings and supports gravatars as well as having the ability to collect testimonials via an embedded form. You always have complete control over approving or rejecting any testimonial on the back-end.

  1. WP Customer Reviews

The great thing about this plugin is that it was built with SEO in mind. WP Customer Reviews was developed with the purpose of allowing your ratings to get more easily read by search engines, especially Google Places and Google Local Search. Plus, it has support for WPMU and WPMS setups as well as the ability to add custom fields.

  1. HMS Testimonials

HMS may well be the most highly customizable plugin we are featuring here. It does most everything you would expect a plugin like this to do. However, it comes to you looking pretty plain. So you don’t have to override a bunch of existing styles or worry about themes and layouts to mold this one to your site. You can very easily add the styles you want to customize it.

  1. Kudobuzz Testimonial Widget

The strength of KudoBuzz lies in its ability to tie-in with social media. It actively crawls and grabs the reviews that are coming in across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, G+ and more. With this one you are constantly getting updated and fresh reviews as well as showing relevant content that the search engines look for in search ranking. You can also still add individual ratings as well.

  1. Client Testimonial

This one is a pretty quick and dirty way to get started quickly integrating testimonials to your site. It isn’t fancy, it just gets the job done. It is customizable if you are looking for better integration and also offers the ability to collect testimonials via forms. It also has support for pagination, if you have WP-Paginate installed. Great if you are doing a page of testimonials.

  1. IvyCat AJAX Testimonials

IvyCat harnesses the style and finesse of AJAX to get your testimonials in front of the world. Performance was kept in mind while developing this one, and they have made sure that you are only pulling in the first testimonial for a slider, with AJAX making additional requests once the page is loaded- helping your site load time. It also offers either page load controlled rotation or AJAX rotation on the page.

  1. Testimonials by WooThemes

WooThemes keeps it lean with an eye towards development and performance first. It comes packaged lean without any preset CSS styling and giving you the ability to style from the ground up. However, it still comes with features like images for testimonials, as well as implementation via a widget, shortcode or template tag. A good all-around free option.

Don’t skip this important step in building your business image. Word of mouth is vital, and perhaps the most powerful form of advertising you have. And by putting them in front of your web audience, you are increasing the reach of that word of mouth by leaps and bound.


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