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The Top 9 Digital Signature Solutions and Why You Need Them

With so much being done digitally today, it only makes sense that we push forward towards a paperless environment. More and more businesses are moving towards making even legal documents digital in order to get around some of the very big problems that come along with physical copy storage. The question is how do you sign these documents? There are several solutions out there that allow users to sign documents digitally, completely online, and avoid having to print out reams of paper. Most notably, many real estate offices and rental/leasing offices are moving to digital in order to move things forward. And as long as the digital signature service adhere to the definition of an electronic signature under the 2000 ESIGN Act, and all parties agree on a digital signature then it is completely a legal signature.

  1. HelloSign

HelloSign is a digital signature solution that has modeled itself to be a solution for smaller to mid-size businesses. It offers 256-bit SSL encryption for all user information including usernames and passwords. And you will receive notifications at all points along the way every time a contract is sent, received or signed.

  1. Docusign

Docusign is considered the industry standard for digital signatures and approvals. Not only will you be able to accept ESIGN approved signatures, but you can institute a system for approvals and agreements for workflows, proofs, or any other process. It boasts 85 million users worldwide and integration with Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Apple, and many other applications and devices.

  1. Signority

Signority is a tool for creating and sending documents for digital signatures and collecting those signatures. However, it also works as a management system that monitors document status, audit trails, and securely store your documents.

  1. Secured Signing

Secured Signing goes beyond signable documents by also allowing users to create customized forms and branded web pages to collect legally valid digital signatures. It’s fully compatible with any device or platform and does not require any applications to be installed on you computer.

  1. Signing Hub

Signing Hub is a global operation with clientele that includes international companies, banks, and even governments around the world. They offer a variety of options in there services including security levels that are there to match your budget and security needs from public cloud to on-premise storage.

  1. Signashare

Signashare is another tool that offers flexibility in its solution by including the ability to build custom forms for digital signature collection. You can start with pre-form templates or create your own template that you can save and use again and again. Plus, everything is auditable and manageable- giving you the ultimate in control.

  1. eSign Live

This tool, formerly known as Silanis is the e-signature solution of choice behind organizations such as the US Army, IBM, Wells Fargo, and BMW. However it also offers the scalability for businesses of all sizes.

  1. Right Signature

RightSignature offers simplicity- plain and simple. It does not have the bells and whistles of more robust tools. It is simply the ability to collect signatures in online documents. If you are looking at an easy-to-use option, this is it.

  1. Sign Easy

Sign Easy is perhaps the single most mobile-friendly option on the list. It is intended to be an option for any purpose requiring signatures. That means realty, sales, lending, and pretty much anything else you can think of. They’ve recently come out with a new version that is optimized for iOS 10.


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