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The Top 7 Themes You are Missing in the WordPress Library

With so many options for WordPress themes on the web, sometimes the biggest and most diverse library gets completely overlooked- the WordPress repository. The official theme repository has become one of the biggest online sources of themes and templates for WordPress including ready-made and highly customizable options for e-commerce, blogging, business, personal, or even themes that are set up with frameworks like Bootstrap that you can build from the ground up. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite WordPress themes from the official repository.


Libretto is a wonderful choice for sharing your writing, whether it be essays, short stories, or poetry. This theme puts the focus on typography and displaying the written word beautifully. It is fully responsive, and set up to be up to three columns. And it features drop caps, classic quote styling, and more. However, it does still support images dutifully as well- so no need to go completely stripped down.


AZERIA is a fully responsive and minimalistic WordPress theme that offers a solid starting point that you can use out of the box. However it can also be customized to suit your needs. It features very clean and lines and color usage with full-width templates, custom backgrounds and menus, and nice use of featured images. It is also translation ready.


BadJohnny is quite simply, a pretty cool theme. It looks good, and it works very well. It is a redesign of the 2012 theme that has been repurposed into a unique Pinterest-like layout which displays your blog entries magazine style. It makes use of colors in a bold yet clean way, if it’s possible to be bold and restrained at the same time- BadJohnny pulls it off. For non-English bloggers it also supports RTL languages.


Photoline Lite
Photoline is a very nice, light-weight theme that is built to show off your photography and images. It’s minimalistic and clean so that you can keep the focus on your images. It works well as a portfolio or repository for images and displays them in a server-friendly way. Plus, it is actively curated and updated.


Lifestyle is our first child theme entry, as an off-shoot of the Omega theme. It’s a lightweight and minimalistic theme built on the high-functioning HTML5 base that is Omega. It is built to be simple while still utilizing the latest web technologies. It is fully responsive and three-column capable with a featured image header, custom colors, headers, and menus.


Founder keeps things simple with a clean and minimal design that is fully responsive and designed to display perfectly on phones, tablets, and laptops with optimal server load and browser load times. It has built-in support for Google fonts and Google multi-lingual font Noto Sans. It can work with literally hundreds of languages.


Another dream theme for writers, Keep Writing keeps the focus firmly on the writing and works as a wonderful platform to display your writing- both long and short-form. It’s built to be an out-of-the-box solution that is lightweight, responsive, and minimalistic. You won’t find a lot of options for color or customization, but that’s not what this theme is about.


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