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The Top 5 A/B Split Testing WordPress Plugins

If you run a website and you are not familiar with A/B or Split testing, then you need to get on board. This is one of the most basic forms of testing methods out there. It has been used for traditional marketing, but the digital world kicks it up a notch. With it, you can deliver multiple options of designs or content to users randomly or as a campaign and monitor which option affects the best results. This can be a landing page, a sales page, or even to deliver an entirely new design for a site to test out new redesigns. Thankfully, as always, WordPress has multiple plugins that ease this process and lets you dive into one of the best testing platforms available.

  1. Nelio AB Testing

Nelio tops the list as it has some of the best options out there with a simple to use interface. And best of all, it takes all the load of processing the serving of pages off of your server and puts it on their high-performance cloud servers. In addition to being able to test out titles, headlines, logos, CSS styles, content, and more- it also works with WooCommerce. That means you can test different product designs, descriptions, and offers.

  1. AB Press Optimizer

AB Press focuses on building conversions through split testing. It gets down to the nitty-gritty. What works best to get a conversion from your user? Whether it’s lead generation, sales, donations, or anything else- this tool is purpose built to test and track your testing results and tell you in plain English which one is giving you the best results.

  1. A/B Theme Testing

Another full-featured plugin for A/B testing, this tool does everything you need to be successful. It offers suggestions for best practices as well as scalable testing from a logo to a full site design. It also integrates with Google Analytics for even more precise measurements.

  1. Nelio A/B Testing

This one is basically just a pro version of the Nelio AB testing plugin we talked about before. It makes the list as its own entry based on the strength of the tool as well as the additional features. It offers advanced tracking tools, multiple sites, and an unlimited number of tests.

  1. Simple Page Tester

Simple is key. And simplicity is exactly what makes this a great entry-level solution to get your feet wet in split testing. Nothing overwhelming. Simply take your page or post and click to set up a split test, and then edit your variation. You then “set it and forget it” giving it time to decide what option is the winner. However, they also offer a pro option with more features to step this up to a more moderate-sized tool.

If you are looking to grow your site and use it as a business tool, you need to utilize A/B testing. For WordPress users, there is no excuse not to. These plugins make it simply too easy to build your best site possible.


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