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The Top 14 Premium Social Media WordPress Plugins

There are many great free plugins for WordPress, including ones to help you social mediautilize social media more fully. However, if you really want to step up your game then there are some amazing premium options as well. Generally, they don’t cost much, but they offer greater features and customization with more power than many free plugins. Here are 14 that we like.

  1. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social is a rich and powerful plugin that offers tons of options and incredible customization. It natively supports over 35 social networks and offers “Love This” buttons, “More” buttons, as well as print and email share features. You can customize exactly what is shown with powerful shortcodes, and it even comes packaged with self-hosted shortened URLs for sharing. The newest version even includes sharing over SMS messaging.

  1. Social Share & Locker Pro

Social Share & Locker is a great plugin that covers all of the necessities of social media sharing and gets you more coverage across all platforms. They include support for shortcodes, as well as share counters, custom positions, and multiple display options. And it comes full integrated with the very powerful Visual Composer plugin- which makes it an even greater value.

  1. WordPress Social Stream

This premium plugin in is a powerful tool that offers a twist on social sharing. It allows you to display your social media stream, across all networks, on your website- complete with sharing links. So not only can you increase shares across social media, you can increase your social media visibility by encouraging others to join you on your various networks. Make your social media content work hard for you.

  1. SharePlus

SharePlus is a neatly packaged and highly customizable plugin that helps you create your unique social sharing experience. You can choose only what you want to be shown in your share links, avoid the unending list of countless social media sites that you aren’t working on. It also comes with 5 pre-made themes and allows for complete customization via CSS. SharePlus utilizes the latest jQuery and CSS3 for a superior user experience.

  1. Monarch Social Sharing

Monarch is a sharing plugin that allows you to be as unobtrusive or flashy as you please, letting you decide how much real estate your sharing bookmarks will take on the page. There are many options for displaying your sharing links, from a floating toolbar on the side of the page to “metro” style boxes that include share counters. You can also choose from multiple button styles. Whatever your site’s style, you can find a perfect match.

  1. SocialFans

Are you a social media power user? Then SocialFans is custom-made for you. This fully responsive plugin is built on Bootstrap 3 and is Retina ready. SocialFans allows you to display counts for all of your social networks and how people are interacting with you. It supports 30 different social media network and beautiful displays your social media empire. Nothing speaks louder to your online presence than a huge social media following. Start building your reputation by showing it off with SocialFans.

  1. Social Buzz

Social Buzz offers a unique look for your sharing experience. It utilizes a “shares graph” to show interaction and popularity of your posts and pages. This is a powerful tool for social media sharing that is coupled with beautiful button and counter options as well. You can truly give your content greater weight by showing how far it is reaching.

  1. CardZ Social Stream

CardZ is a social stream that aggregates all of your social media networks into one easily viewable location. Not everyone who looks at your site is familiar with your social media networks. With a social stream, you can build interest for your social media presence by showing people what they are missing out on. CardZ is also fully compatible with Visual Composer, the leading WordPress design plugin.

  1. Sossy Social Profile and Counter

Sossy gives you a way to display your entire social media presence in one neat
and visually interesting package. It allows you to build a social profile card that shows off some “About” information, a profile photo, and a display of all of your networks as well as a count of your followers. It is highly customizable and offers the ability to change many display options, and can be placed on your site via shortcodes or widgets.

  1. WordPress Social Board

Social Board takes the concept of a social stream and pushes it to the next level. There are a ridiculous number of options that you have to display all of your social media streams. You can select them out via tabbed browsing, combine them into a rotating carousel, or create a rotation feed. You also have the option to just create a timeline wall of all of your posts and content. It’s truly an ingenious way to display your precious social media content and drive viewers to your pages.

  1. Exit Through Social Share

Exit Through is a unique plugin that handles outbound links on your page. You are probably familiar with the concept. When you click a link that leaves your page, a “lightbox” style window will pop up thanking the viewer and asking them to visit your social media profiles. You have control over how long it stays up before redirecting, the delay period, and what is displayed in the box. You also have the power to exclude certain outgoing links from being delayed. Another great tool for driving social traffic.

  1. Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

This is a really easy to use and quick to implement social media bookmark plugin that is highly configurable and offers a clean interface. It comes with 4 themes that add a social media sidebar to any page or post, in an unobtrusive yet easy to see manner. It also features 129 different icons for greater flexibility. You can now easily make sure that your viewers have a clear path to your social pages at all time.

  1. Ultimate Social Deux

Ultimate Social Deux is a well-developed social media plugin that not only offers social sharing and counters but does so efficiently and without impact to your page. It provides many display options, and custom social buttons and was developed utilizing AJAX for sharing via email as well as Bootstrap 3. It was also developed in close compliance with WordPress best practice guidelines. Plus, your social buttons “float” on the page, so you will never disrupt the flow of your page.

  1. Share This Image

Do you host a lot of photos on your site? Are you looking for an easy way to get them in front of viewers? Share This Image has really dialed into a big niche area, offering a floating set of share buttons on any image that allows viewers to quickly share them across their social media networks. And best of all, it only shares what the viewer intends- your image.


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