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The Top 12 SEO Website Services

If you want to get in front of the crowd, you have to be accessible and easy to find. When one searches on Google for what you do, you want to make sure you’re on top! This is why SEO (search engine optimization) is so important. No matter what you know about SEO, there are many sites that offer tools and services which will ensure your victory.

Here are some of the best.

  1. SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a highly-used, comprehensive SEO tool. With it, you can run reports on your site and get an immediate snapshot of how it is performing including data on organic search and ranking, paid search, backlinks, keywords, and much more. It also offers the ability to see numbers for desktop viewers as well as mobile, giving you even greater insight. Free will get you some of the data, but for premium users- the sky is the limit with multiple daily reports and deep insight.

  1. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is an extension or add-on for multiple browsers that allows important information to be shown on the fly for sites. You can quickly view Google PageRank and number of indexed pages, as well as the number of links coming into the current page. It also features a great number of tools for Yahoo, MSN/Bing, and other search metrics. You can also quickly check out the site’s IP, the Whois info, and the robots.txt file.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

This tool, offered through Google AdWords, is a great asset for research and planning out keywords for organic search as well as putting together AdWords and paid search campaigns. You can get immediate insight into how keywords are performing across search engines, and suggestions for stronger, more effective campaigns. The real power of this comes as a result of being a tool built by the world’s largest search engine.

  1. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is an independent alternative to Google Keyword Planner. It can generate up to 750 long-tail keyword suggestions. Best of all it is completely free and doesn’t require an account to be set-up. You can quickly get suggestions of keywords based on Google’s autocomplete algorithm and related searches across the web. And it does all of this with 99.99% accuracy.

  1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo offers great insight into how content just like yours is performing across the web, as well as engagement in social media. Quickly get a glimpse into who is backlinking to the content and how many people are sharing it based on the subject. Not only that, it also allows you to search by site and see what content is performing best for that site. All to allow you to better guide your direction. Don’t forget to use it on your own site to get a closer look at exactly how your content is performing.

  1. Moz Open Site Explorer

Moz gives you insight that goes beyond what you will see in Google Analytics or other programs. You can create campaigns to track specific links and see how it is performing as well as finding new opportunities to link your content. You can also quickly see where your content and site are being talked about across the web, with or without a link provided.

  1. Rank Reveal

One of the most powerful things you can know about SEO is how a keyword might perform. Rank Reveal offers that knowledge, allowing you to see how any keyword is currently ranking in searches across the web. With Rank Reveal you don’t have to guess at what keywords will be effective for your content, you can get data on exactly how it is performing. You can now make better choices based on real, tested results.

  1. WordTracker

WordTracker is a service that allows you to get suggestions for keywords based on your topic, and exactly how many results are coming up for those terms. It provides a more in-depth look at how your competitors are marketing their content, without having to drill down to an individual level. Find out quickly what keyword terms are creating results right now.

  1. AuthorityLabs

Great SEO needs constant maintenance and research, you need to always be tracking how things are performing. With AuthorityLabs, you can create monitoring campaigns that track your site’s SEO at a granular level. You will be able to see exactly how individual keywords are performing as well as tracking local rankings. Now you can find out how your campaign is performing in your town versus globally.


AHREFS is a tool that takes into consideration the fact that your site isn’t a static thing. There are many moving parts and lots of different types of content. No two pages are exactly alike in any site. AHREFS gives you deep insight into how your site is performing even down to individual pages and subjects. They measure across hundreds of metrics and their crawler collects data from all across the web, completely search engine agnostic.

  1. SpyFu

SpyFu gives you a look behind the curtain at what your competitors are doing right and wrong when it comes to marketing their website and how it’s performing. You can quickly get a complete suite of metrics delivered in an easy to read and understand format that doesn’t try to dazzle you with terminology. Real data, delivered simply.

  1. Majestic

Majestic is the marketing search engine. With it, you can quickly find out information about your site and competitors and how they relate to the web. Majestic makes it simple to find out how the content of a site is influencing others on the web, and even what content and text is the most influential on your site. You will finally get a clear picture at how different sites are able to relate to each other, and how you can manipulate that data.


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