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The Best WordPress Plugins to Import CSV Data

There are a multitude of reasons that you might want to display data from a CSV document, or even XML, XLS, or MySQL. Perhaps it’s for educational purposes, or to display reports directly on your page. It can be incredibly difficult to do this however, especially once you get into larger and longer files. The creation of the tables and displays alone becomes mind-numbing, not to mention the actual data entry. Thankfully, WordPress has several options that will help you insert data instantly into your site. Here are just a few of the tools that can make your life easier.

  1. WordPress Dynamic Tables

Dynamic Tables is an outstanding plugin that is purchasable from, the premiere premium WordPress plugin site. It takes whatever data you have in a CSV, dynamic or static, and displays it in an easy-to-read table, as well as the ability to display it as a visual chart for even more usability for your visitors. It then lets users print your chart or download it as a PDF, Excel File, or CSV.

  1. WP All Import

CSV and Excel files aren’t just for charts and tables. WP All Import makes managing content for your site easier by allowing you to import data directly from your worksheet into your post into any number of formats. You can use it to import posts, pages, property listing, store products, orders, coupons, and so much more. And you can even set it up to do automatic scheduled import and updates, so that you can actually keep your worksheet online and keep your site updated without even touching the site.

  1. TurboCSV

TurboCSV aims to be a full-featured solution that keeps things simple and fast. It takes all of the elements of some of these other plugins and puts them into a very simple-to-use interface that cuts the fat. It features an on-screen wizard to import any data into whatever your post type is, as well as creating a template for those fields. And don’t worry about mistakes, if an error occurs you can simply use “undo” to reverse your changes and try again.

  1. Supra CSV Parser

The Supra CSV Parser works towards giving your finite control over the import and content creation process. You can easily map columns from your data into existing postmeta areas. You can keep this managed dynamically based on post type in the configuration center. So there is set up, but once that is done, the process is beyond streamlined.

  1. CSV 2 Post

CSV 2 Post is a plugin that offers the ability to manage your content creation via CSVs on a longer-term basis. However you can still manage or build initial content quickly as well, it just gives you the ability to use that as a starting point for management on an on-going basis. The choice is up to you. It also comes in a premium version that offers a plethora of additional features and tools.

  1. CSV Import for WordPress

If you are looking to get a WordPress site launched in very short order, CSV Import is a great option. It goes further than the basic import tool that WordPress offers because it also allows you to import custom posts types, custom fields, eShop products, and SEO fields for All in One SEO. With this tool you can get your content loaded quickly and easily, and with more power than you might have thought possible.




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