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The Best WordPress Plugins for Split Tests

 WordPress is the most famous platform to develop your own website and to experience a new way of web development. Split testing is a test of one element on one page when compared to an alternate version of same element, to test the other’s working and function. Split testing is a type of A/B testing.

What is AB testing?

AB testing is the method to differentiate and compare two different versions of a webpage to another by keeping an eye on specific page elements to test which version is better.

Working of AB testing

The working and process of A/B testing is not very complex. There are different approaches which you can adopt. You should know your objectives first, then think about the aim, that why you are establishing a website. Set goals for your website, and increase your click-through rate.

They decide that how can you handle and how can you measure if you are not able to achieve your goals. There are some key performance indicators, KPIs which is a number to measure anything going against your goals. You can count that how many people have subscribed to your site but you cannot estimate about the success rate before any official thing. You have the successful KPI when you meet your target. AB testing process is simple, which can be defined easily in steps like:

  • Gather data
  • Set goals
  • Come up with a hypothesis
  • Develop variations
  • Run the experiments
  • Perform analysis

AB Testing WP Plug-ins  (WordPress)

Nelio AB Testing

It is the very powerful optimization service for WrodPress. The purpose of Nelio AB testing is to help to define, manage and keep track of AB testing experiments. You can enjoy the features of featured images, and use of orders as conversion actions. You have facility to have surety about the purchase of product. You should choose Nelio testing because it is:

  • Native AB testing solution for WordPress
  • Create alternative content for your pages, posts and custom post types
  • Test the headlines
  • Test Widgets
  • Alternative themes and CSS
  • Support and server load
  • Plans according to your needs

Press Optimizer, The AB press optimizer

AB press optimizer can be the best choice for users because it has a lot of features and fucntions:

  • You can experiment AB testing
  • AB test post tittles
  • Split test page tittles
  • Guid to help get started
  • variation and automated tracking
  • Experimentation schedule
  • Metrics on the experiment status
  • And many more….

AB theme testing

By using AB theme testing, you can compare between two themes by considering minor differences and complete designs. It helps to integrate with Google analytics and then test one or more than WordPress themes.

NELIO A/B testing

The best features and advantages of NELIO AB testing are:

  • Fully automated
  • Never Leave WordPress
  • Zero technical knowledge
  • Visitors become customers
  • Easy AB testing
  • More than AB testing

Simple Page Tester

With simple page tester, you can enjoy:

  • Super Fast setup
  • SEO friendly tool
  • Best analytics
  • Catch compatibility

You can know about many things by visiting the site.

Simple Google Content Experiments

It helps to use Google content experiments on WordPress site. It has the ability to use Google analytics which has a function called Content experiments. It helps to use split content on website.


AB split test and plug-ins help a users to have best WordPress experience by adjusting different features in the best way. Optimizer, theme tester and other above mentioned plugins are the door to success in the world of WordPress web development.


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