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The 9 Best Job Board Plugins for WordPress

Among all of the great plugins and resources out there for WordPress, one you might not have considered is job board plugins. While this might seem a bit of a niche subject, having some basic understanding and knowledge of these tools could be a real asset if you are developing a site for a company, or a recruiting firm, or even just a community job board. There really are many options where these plugins could be very useful. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. WPJobBoard

JobBoard is a very slick and all-inclusive premium plugin that can handle most anything you can throw at it. It has already built a strong reputation with web developers, entrepreneurs, recruitment agencies, and bloggers as a powerful solution to matching qualified applicants to new opportunities. It features a rich admin dashboard that makes management easy to use and plays well with just about any theme or plugin. Another nice one that makes this great for clients is the drag and drop editor. It makes it easier than ever to add new forms fields and manage them.

  1. Job Engine

Job Engine is a super easy-to-use yet powerful plugin. Perhaps the greatest feature of Job Engine is that you can fully manage everything from the front-end if you choose. Your or your clients can handle the management of jobs quickly and easily with visual editing cues. It offers a search function with geographic locations, and a dynamic map for visually showing where jobs are located.

  1. WP Job Manager

Job Manager is a very lightweight and resource-friendly tool that adds job board functionality without quite all the bells in whistles. If you aren’t putting a huge focus on the jobs section, then this is a good way to go for you. Jobs are searchable and filterable, and they are added via a front-end form that employers can use to submit jobs. They will also (when logged in) be able to edit or delete their jobs, meaning less work for you to have to manage. Job Manager is shortcode based, so it is easy to customize to any theme with a little CSS.

  1. Osclass Job Board

Osclass is a feature-rich and powerful plugin that can, and has, solved all of a company’s job board needs. Over 4,000 companies currently use Osclass to manage their HR hiring needs quickly and efficiently as an all-in-one management solution. Osclass has agreements with major job websites around the world, expanding your search even further. And job applicants can apply via LinkedIn or a resume/CV directly, letting you remove any barriers that might slow down a job seeker. With Osclass you can communicate with applicants, rate resumes, add notes, arrange meetings and interview, and even delete their resume if they don’t fit your needs. It really is an all in one solution.

  1. Job Manager

Job Manager is a lighter-weight solution for job board needs, while still packing in some great features. Jobs can be easily added and categorized, and icons can be added to make listings stand out. You can add customizable fields to any job to provide any pertinent information specific to that position, without having to add unneeded fields to every job. It is also inclusive as applicants actually use the built-in system to apply for jobs, streamlining the entire process for both you and your applicants.

  1. WP Broadbean

Broadbean is not really a total solution unto itself, per se. Rather, it is a gateway to the ‘Broadbean Adcourier’ job posting system. It works in conjunction with an account there that shows your listed jobs there as job posts on your website. It’s a really cool way to integrate a pretty sweet web-service into your site. You will definitely want to check out what Broadbean has to offer and decide if you want it to be part of your site.

  1. Jobs & Experts

While many tools focus only on the job listing and application, Jobs & Experts also puts a spotlight on the experts who are looking for opportunities. You will have two separate directories that users can search, based on whatever they need. A great feature is the ability to like and rate experts as well, giving them, even more, credibility. This is a fantastic solution for a freelance job site, or just starting your own career portal.

  1. WP Job Hunter

This is more of an affiliate program that can be a money-making option for bloggers and certain kinds of sites. You can display sponsored jobs from some of the biggest career sites in the world on your site without having to overthink integration. It’s really just like any affiliate program, register with the sites, plug in your affiliate id, and earn money with every click from your website. No programming or development required.

  1. WordPress Careers Plugin

This one is perhaps a little less feature-rich, but it does what you need and provides a few nice perks. If you don’t want fancy and just want to get down to business, this is for you. The Careers plugin creates a page to list jobs and receive applications, to cover your most important needs. And, all forms are protected by captcha. Once you start getting applications you can send out mass emails to all applicants, export them, or even shortlist and download selected resumes.


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