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The 5 Best Word Processor Document Importer Plugins for WordPress

Being able to import word processor documents into WordPress is a completely overlooked ability. Sure, there is a WYSIWYG editor, and there is good old HTML and CSS- we all know that much. However, what if you have a massive backlog of documents that need to be turned into content for pages on sites? Or a writer has painstakingly formatted their document, and you don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel just to match the formatting? Personally, I have ran into running sites for “Board of Directors” meetings where there could be years of documents that need to be uploaded. These plugins can take some of the pain out of that work.

  1. Plug Matter Document Importer

Quite simply, this plugin will allow you to import any .docx documents from Word, Google Docs, or any other program into your WordPress editor exactly as-is. No further work needed. It retains all formatting; including images, lists/bullet points, font types, etc. Document Importer does the heavy lifting and allows you to go straight from document to publish post in no time at all.

  1. Docxpresso

Docxpresso lets you publish your content directly from whatever office or word processing software you use including MS Office, Libre, Open Office, or Google Docs. It lets you import your document while preserving headings, tables (even sortable), links and anchors, images, textboxes, footnotes, headers and footers, table of contents, comments, math equations, and drop caps. If you can do it in your software, it will carry through to WordPress.

  1. Aspose DOC Importer

Here is a simple solution that answers a problem you may not have even considered yet. What if one of your writers, or an editor, sends you content- but you don’t have Microsoft Office? Or perhaps you are working from a computer that doesn’t have it installed while on the go. With Aspose you will be able to directly upload the file without ever having to open up the file. Letting nothing hold you back from pushing content.

  1. Mammoth .docx Converter

If you want valid, problem-free formatting, I would direct you no further than Mammoth. This plugin takes your document and actually uses the semantic information on the document so that it can capture the spirit of your document, while keeping it friendly to your site’s existing design. Rather than try to match a font, text size, or color- it will take any text that is semantically marked up as Heading1 and convert it to an h1 tag. So, it will stay in line with your theme, while still not losing all of your work. Great for writers who tend to go a little crazy on styling, especially when you have several.

  1. Google Doc Embedder

Finally, an entry that is something just for the Google Doc crowd. What if you don’t want to just take a document and turn into the post, but you want to display the actual document inside the post. Better yet, what if it could be a live document? A document that you could change and edit at will and have those changes show up on your live site. Not only could you keep updated terms of service or official documents, but you could display on-demand data from a CSV as well. Definitely one worth checking out if you utilize Google Docs.



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