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Questions and Answers plugin

When people share information, they stay informed as to the most recent updates on your site or other knowledge and are more likely to buy an item that they know has the approval of others. Sites like Stack Overflow or Yahoo Answers already knows this, and it’s time to tap into this wealth of information. Provide all of the information that potential clients need with these questions and answers plugins.

  1. Premium SabaiDiscuss – Build a community-based question and answer site, a knowledge base site, a help desk portal on WordPress, or a discussion forum. Allow site visitors to ask and answer questions much like Yahoo Answers or Stack Overflow does. Stay up to date with a view of the discussion stream, votes, and stats and take complete control of your discussions with the built-in permission system by setting limitations as you see fit. Allow users to vote, flag posts for spam or abuse, bookmark questions and answers, write posts using an easy-to-read and write plain text format with live preview, and share across social networking sites. Make the job of the moderators a breeze with 8 WordPress sidebar widgets with a comprehensive list of display options and by providing them with a secure page where they are able to take the necessary action to keep the discussions on topic. Each member gets a profile page and earn a reputation based upon the quality of their posts. SabaiDiscuss allows you to create a forum for public or premium users, feature posts.
  2. Premium AnsPress – Use this open source plugin to add a question and answer section to your WordPress site like Stackoverflow, quora, or as a page in an existing site. There is a free version of the plugin, but when you go premium you get added support and full feature benefits, such as being fully customizable, easy to extend, spam prevention, WPMU support, built-in user profiles, and SEO optimization. Allow users to vote and to express their thoughts. Feature questions at the top of the list, allow the asker of a question to select the best answer, allow users to discuss questions and answers through comments, follow questions by subscribing, flag or report, create private questions that are hidden from the public, attach images, and show recent activity
  3. DW Question & Answer – Add a question and answer section to your WordPress site with all of the features of Quora, Yahoo Answers, or Stack Overflow. Allow users to ask a question, get answers and replies from the community, vote and pic the best answer, mark as resolved filter questions by status, search questions with instance results. Manage all questions and answers from the back-end, and set up notification emails with new answers and comments.
  4. YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers – Let customers who have already purchased your items give their feedback to potential buyers. Allow your users to ask questions and answer on specific WooCommerce products pages. Easily manage questions and answers, or use an FAQ mode where questions and answers are created only from the back end.
  5. Question Answer – In as little as just one minute, create your own question and answer site with this ready-to-go plugin. It provides shortcodes that create frontend question submission forms and an awesome account page with support and is translation ready.
  6. CM Answers – Allow users to post questions and answers with file attachment support, voting, moderation, and notifications. Enable users the ability to exchange knowledge. Create your Q&A forum, show questions by categories or by moderated contributors. Sort answers, and tailor your site according to your needs. Connect with social media sites, like Facebook or LinkedIn.
  7. Ask Me Anything (Anonymously) – Allow users to ask questions anonymously. Create a question and answer page or widget by using shortcodes. The shortcodes are easy to configure and customize to your site’s needs. The questions are saved as a WordPress comment where the administrator can reply to them. It integrates with any WordPress theme and provides you with a simple, yet effective spam/bot check using a test question that you can customize. The plugin is multisite compatible and translation ready.
  8. DWQA Slack Integration –  Use this extension of DW Question & Answer to keep track of your forum page through notifications to your Slack Group Chat. Whenever there is a new question created on the question page, your Slack Group is notified. Select on/off push notify.

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