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Premium Google Maps WordPress Plug-ins

Even though it’s called the World Wide Web, plenty of customers still seek businesses that are local. For businesses that list hotel sites, real estate listings, store locations, job listings, or restaurant locations, an interactive map that is easy to use without lag time is very important. Help customers easily interact and navigate themselves to their desired location using colorful locators and maps that provide excellent direction to find your location with ease and without frustration using these 13 premium Google Maps WordPress plug-ins.

  1. Responsive Styled Google Maps

    Let visitors navigate the map on your site with pinch and zoom ease with fully responsive Google Maps. Generate up to 50 colorful maps with intuitive shortcode, and view multiple markers on one map and multiple maps per page.

  2. 5sec Google Maps

    Maps are what you want, and maps is what this plug-in delivers. It will take you only seconds to implement. There is no setup and no code. It is fully customizable with HTML bubble description and super fast with caching. Reveal several maps per page or post with unlimited possibilities on sidebars, and select 12 predefined marker icons. Offer full-screen display, directions to your address, and local cache for Geocoding at the fastest speeds.

  3. WiLD Google Maps

    Switch on or off any and every map control as needed. What you see is what you get with this WYSIWYG map customization that allows you to create multiple maps per page or post and uses TinyMCE shortcut. Select Geocoding marker placement with multiple markers per map that you are able to edit in a hurry and 92 default icons. Choose map percentages in pixels or percentages.

  4. Google Maps Editor for WordPress

    This simple, easy-to-use plug-in generates extremely appealing results. Create picture-perfect maps inside WordPress text editor. Select from five exclusive color themes and an infinite number of markers.

  5. Cartogram

    Create eye-catching and fully interactive Google Maps to place inside your posts or on your pages or theme template files that allow you to add custom markers and drawing overlay shapes. Add a limitless number of locations to your map design. Use your address to control the map position, and place markers with latitude and longitude. Set the zoom level, height, width, and zoom and pan control styles and position. Choose the map style to show the road, satellite, hybrid, and terrain. Add a featured image to appear as a thumbnail, enable a lightbox effect on the thumbnail that displays a larger image, adds a gallery to the location, or adds a custom image and shadow to the markers. Choose from numerous filters, completely control the anchor position for the marker image point, and categorize locations.

  6. Interactive World Maps

    From your neighborhood, the entire worldview, customize the way your maps on site display using Google GeoChart API. Show the world, continents, countries, the USA, or your region down to the local streets with inactive and active sections. Create actions upon a click. Design markers, borders, backgrounds, and display a tooltip on hover as well as colored region options with a custom CSS generator.

  7. Progress Map WordPress Plugin

    Just install the plug-in, go to the settings, select the type of post you want, and you’re ready to go. Perfect for sites that list hotel rooms, real estate, restaurants, job listings, or store locations. Publish your location on both Google map as a marker and on a carousel that is linked to the map. Select the carousel item to target its location on the map display. Add new locations with ease, use custom post types without limit. Control and place your personal mark on almost every Google Map UI elements. Allow visitors to navigate the map well with more than 70 map styles, custom and clustered markers, Autofit that allows you to extend the map boundaries to contain all markers, clusters, and overlays with KML layers that support KML and KMZ files. Display any number of polylines and polygons. Use Geotargeting to determine the location of the user, set your map’s language, and provide 7 unique info windows. Choose a map, satellite, terrain, hybrid, or your own custom style of view.

  8. Map List Pro – Google Maps & Location directories

    Quickly create maps that show your location in a format that is searchable, sortable, and filterable lists in no time at all with this flexible width, fully responsive themes design. Out of the box, this plug-in offers more than 35 styles and is completely able to customize. Use the map only or the list only options. It’s your choice with this easy-to-use plug-in. Allow users to get directions and to print them, sort by distance, search for locations, and to use geolocation. Design custom marker icons, and quickly add new locations to the map. Let the map Auto-zoom, or manually set a start position.

  9. Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

    The plug-in comes complete with shortcode options and Readymade icons, but also offers external data sources, so if you already have a locations database – No problem! Display posts on Google Maps, and use several maps on one page with a fully responsive mobile-ready Maps component for every screen or mobile device. Show unlimited locations, maps, and categories. Select from more than 500 Readymade icons, or create your own. Design from your choice of beautiful map skins, and implement layers, such as KML, KMZ, Traffic and Bicycle, without the need to know a lick of code. Click with shapes, polygon, polylines, circles, or rectangles with a one-click refund policy.

  10. Simplified Google Maps

    Focus on the style and options in a map that you want to appear on your site, and leave the worrisome code writing to the makers of the plug-in. Creating an attractive and useable map within your site shouldn’t have to be complicated. Customize your icons, and configure map settings with ease. Simplified Google Maps WordPress plug-in makes it easy. Add locations and details, customize, import, export, clone maps, switch to full screen or app mode, and move places on the map, implement street view, and stay up to date with real-time administration.

  11. Responsive Google Maps

    Navigate your customers to the locations they want to go with full-screen views and responsive on all mobile devices and on secure or non-secure sites. Create multiple maps on your page, and any number of locations on each map. Use the Visual Composer Block to design or upload your own marker clusters, add weather and cloud layer, no API key required but can be used if you want, select roadmap, satellite, hybrid, or terrain types, enable or disable user location, allow for auto zoom and fit. All it takes is copying simple shortcode to your page, and you’re ready to go.

  12. Mapped contact form pro-WordPress

    Help visitors not only find the location they want but to contact that location while they are still inside viewing the map with the use of the Ajax contact form inside a Google Maps marker information window and Fancy JQuery offline validation. Use 60 custom markers with 12 building types of four colors each. The plug-in is designed for ease of use by simply adding a shortcode to any page or post on your site.

  13. HelloMaps -Professional Maps & Geolocation for WP

    Integrate Google Maps inside your WordPress pages or posts. If you have five minutes, you have enough time to set up an interactive map on your site. HelloMaps is designed to make the process easy for non-programmers while maintaining components that are nothing short of professional in appearance. Use sidebars that you select a category, featured images, and custom icons. Create the style and colors, or integrate with SnazzyMaps. The plug-in offers fast response, shows the number of markers on the screen with a results counter area, and allows for full-screen mode, mobile or toolbar buttons, and fully customizable Info windows. Geocode more by installing additional plug-ins.

If your location is not on the map, chances are your potential customers will head to the spot easiest to find, instead. Help customers easily find your locations or listings on your site by using one of these premium plug-ins for WordPress that are worth the small cost to download and maintain.


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