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Plug-ins that Make WordPress Less Technical

The idea to have plugins to make your life easy, and the most demanded plug-ins are page and content builders, which make your WordPress sites less technical whilst editing.

  1. Zedity

    This is introduced as a user-friendly plugin for content building. With this, creating posts, pages, and other more content is easy. It is less technical because of its feature of not requiring code skills for creating professional- like website. However, it is recommended for those who are currently using and for those who will use to have their up to date version of it for a maximum performance.

  2. Conductor

    To be able to customize the layout of your blogs with WordPress, customize and view changes you create on the web pages, save time for using conductor rather than using a custom code and have unique collections of page content. These are the things that you may encounter in using this plugin.

  3. TablePress

    create then manage your website. This is what you may be able to do in using this plugin. There is no knowledge requirement for HTML which makes it less technical on your part. In addition, it has an additional library for a JavaScript that you may use for adding features like filtering, sorting, pagination and more.

  4. WordPress White Label

    if you want a less technical and complete access to the customization of your website’s dashboard panels, remove menus, customize logos, access for editors on the widgets and more, this is the right one for you.

  5. MotoPress (Paid)

    MotoPress is a complete solution to have responsive website pages even when you didn’t code. Just simply drag and drop the content and you can maximize your website’s functions and efficiency.

  6. Front End Editor

    direct content changes for your site is the main benefit of using this plugin. There is no need to correct any typo errors when creating your page contents too. Overall, you can post and edit pages, make a custom post type and a lot more in using this.

  7. Visual Sidebar Editor

    to enable you to take control of your sidebar content of your web page is what this plugin delivers you. It has an awesome interface for the drag-and-drop feature while ensuring that you may use their HTML for free and you may replace the sidebar content as much as you want. Another thing is that you can always make your page’s revision and review it in anytime you want.

  8. Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

    this is a powerful plugin for giving you the best possible applications you can choose for your website. Customizing with its available skin editor will also allow you to have many additional skins for your page.

  9. Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

    it is unique as it enables users to have an easy and simple way of inserting rich texts and various media objects. It is rich in features too particularly for a powerful support in its overall performance.

  10. Revolutionary Slider

    is a less technical plugin which focuses on the flexibility features that the users may benefit. Basically, it is also not requiring the knowledge to code. On the brighter side of this plugin, it has a beneficial visual editor and responsive control for a totally amazing feature of a plugin. It also includes social and media feed support for a whole time best experience.


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