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Get Rid of Weird, Lengthy Links with a WordPress Link Shortening Plugin

link shorteningWhen sharing links, you don’t want to copy and paste cumbersome and lengthy jibberish, especially if you are sharing on a social media platform that limits character count. Another instance when a shorter link is helpful is when you are dictating a link over a telephone, or trying to type it into a mobile device. Don’t use up your characters with just the link. Sometimes, link masking is the answer. Masking links is often used to hide a full reveal of what the link directs to, which is used for masking affiliate links which would otherwise be considered a source of irritation since those clicking on them may feel as if you are trying to do nothing but make money off of their click, or to track clicks and stats. Shortening links is another form of masking, sometimes referred to as beautifying the link. Instead, shorten your links, or make your links look like another link with these link shortening and masking plug-ins for WordPress.

  1. Pretty Link Lite

    Create beautified shortened links, track, manage, and share using your own domain name instead of tinyurl or in the link name. This plug-in allows you to easily beautify your links for both internal and external uses. It also tracks each click to provide you with a detailed report telling you where the click originated, what browser was used, OS and host.

  2. Pretty Link Pro

    Clean up your links to display your custom domain on your own server, track, organize, share, and test. If you enjoy Pretty Link Lite, you’re going to absolutely love Pretty Link Pro. This plug-in offers a significant upgrade to an already great link beautifying plug-in with additional features like automatic pretty link creation, the ability to cloak links, redirect, auto Tweet, and replace keywords throughout your site.

  3. PAID Premium Affiliate Links

    For less than $20, this plug-in allows you the ability to mask affiliate links to make them more likely that a passer by will click on them, get full click stats, track events in Google Analytics, and set conditional redirects. The plug-in uses shortcodes and widgets to help you create the clean links you desire.

  4. WP No External Links – Featured WordPress Link Masking Plugin

    Designed with the online selling specialist in mind and created to run smoothly with site promotional tools, this plug-in turns external links into hidden, internal links that won’t send up a red flag to Spam bots. The only potential down side to this plug-in is that it may conflict with any caching plug-ins you have in place.

  5. SEO Ultimate

    Make your site look appealing to search engine bots who have the power to boost or plummet your rankings. Take full control over details like meta titles, descriptions, auto links, rich snippets, 404 page monitoring, open graph, and more than 20 modules. Everything you are looking for in a plug-in that optimizes your search engine status is covered. This plug-in is packed with hundreds of features on the free version and even more when you go pro.

  6. ClickMeter Link Shortener and Analytics

    Customize your links to be short and powerful with Real-Time Analytics for tracking the clicks. The plug-in comes with a custom domain link shortener, advanced url redirect, actionable analytics, and a link monitoring system in place. Track important specifics about traffic sources and conversion rates. Use the advanced cloaking feature to protect your affiliate code in links, track 404 errors, and monitor click fraud.

  7. WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links

    Designed to work specifically with sites that use WooCommerce. Mask all of your external links inside your WooCommerce store with this external and affiliate link cloaking plug-in. Configure the status code for redirect, or prevent bots from following specific links by adding a “Disallow” to robots.txt files.

  8. Anonymize Links

    Go anonymous with your referrals by automatically converting all external links to this cloaking format. Stop your site from showing up in server logs of referred pages and being flagged as a referrer. The administrators of referred pages will not be able to see where their visitors come from when you use this plug-in to prevent the original site from appearing as a referrer in log files of the referred page.

  9. WP to Affiliate | Deeplink-Generator & Cloaking

    Shorten and Convert links into deep links for sites like Amazon or eBay. This plug-in automatically turns common links into affiliate links in real time. The Deeplink generator is fully automated for affiliate links in posts, pages, or sidebars. You have full control to manage all of your external links with built link cloaking and url masking that also provides click count with easy-to-use code.

  10. ClickMeter Link Shortener and Analytics

    Quickly create short, tracking links to see reports that reveal everything about the clicks you receive in real time. Customize your links within your site or external to use your own domain name to not appear spammy and to increase brand awareness. Create safe links for SEO, and redirect users where they yield the best conversion rates while protecting your affiliate codes through the advanced url redirect. Monitor your links to discover broken links so you are able to redirect them to a custom page, uncover click fraud activities or blacklisted landing pages.

  11. Easy Affiliate Links

    Managing and cloaking your affiliate links couldn’t get much easier. This plug-in comes along side you to help you take full control of all of the affiliate links on your site. Create shortened links, and always have full access with the visual and html editor. Assign categories to your links while tracking monthly and lifetime clicks, and importing or exporting links from and to XML. This plug-in gives you complete analytics, Geospecific links, the ability to test all of your links, and a broken links checker.

  12. WP Wizard Cloak

    A helpful easy-to-use plug-in that is perfect for affiliate marketers. Easily shorten, cloak, and change links into links that display your custom domain. Generate click reports from any period of time, and export data to CSV. Turn lengthy urls into your own domain shortened link, cloak, and track your links. Get set up and ready to go in as little as 4 steps. Once you are set up, the plug-in will track clicks on your links and provide you with a detailed summary and information about each, individual click. Receive information such as browser type, IP addresses, country codes, and referring urls.  Automatically match existing urls on your site in existing pages and posts, and turn keywords into links. Send visitors from different countries to appropriate destinations of your choosing.

  13. ThirstyAffiliates

    Manage and cloak affiliate links with the tools professionals need. Quickly and easily add your own graphics, banners, and other images to your affiliate links. Monetize your WordPress site using affiliate marketing without loosing your ranking with search engines. Administer your affiliate links, insert them into your pages, posts, or comments, create beautified shorter links, and manage your links from one central location. Protect your commissions with 301 redirection, and customize your link url prefixes. Segment links with the Hierarchical link categorization, and insert affiliate links easy with the Handy affiliate link picker tool while editing with the Handy quick add tool. Use options like DoFollow or NoFollow, and open links in new windows. Show category slugs in link urls. The plug-in offers full backup compatibility and importing and exporting support while using WordPress approved storage techniques that won’t bloat your database. This plug-in is offered as a free or a pro version. Go pro to get features like autolinker, stats insights, Google Click Tracking, CSV importer, Geolocations, and scheduled links.

  14. Clink – WordPress Link Manager

    Customize, manage, categorize, create, and track all outbound links on your site. Design 301 redirections, use countdown timers, and count clicks. View popular links on your WordPress dashboard, or show custom links in WordPress themed sidebars by using the Clink Popular Links widget. Easily make changes from the Global Clink Settings.

The choice is yours. It’s time to shorten, beautify, or mask those cumbersome links. The end result is usually happier site visitors who are more likely to interact and click. Make sharing links more convenient, and possibly get more clicks on those affiliate links by selecting the link shortening and making links plug-in that best fits your WordPress site.


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