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How to Optimize Your Website with Off-Page SEO Optimization

seoOn-page SEO pertains to all things you do ON your site to help rank higher in search engines. Some on-page SEO techniques include internal linking, page titles, meta descriptions, and tags. Meanwhile, off-page SEO pertains to all things directly off your site to increase your search engine rank. In this article, off-page strategies will be discussed. Following not only one but many of these strategies will surely bring the best effects to your online ranking, discovery and reputation.

  1. Forum Marketing. Search for online forums that are relevant your niche and then join their community. Get involved to conversations. Answer people’s queries, reply to threads and offer advice. This can build your reputation as an expert in your niche.

  2. Link building. For those who are skeptical if link building is still effective or not, the answer is definitely a yes. Link building remains to be an effective off-page marketing strategy. You should only be getting quality to your site from reputable websites.

  3. Answer questions. You can join answering questions on sites such as Yahoo Answers or Through answering related topics to your niche, you do not only get a good reputation, you and your site also get the chance to be discovered by people. You can do this by placing a link to your site below your signature, after answering questions.

  4. Social Bookmarking. This off-page marketing strategy is also an effective way to promote your site. This simply works through submitting your up-to-date pages and blog posts to the most remarkable bookmarking sites online. Major search engines indeed like these bookmarking sites since they always have up to date contents.

  5. Social media sites. Social media started to be popular since a couple of years back but still not showing any sign of degeneration. Getting engaged with the most popular social media sites these days is an essential step to start building your online reputation, advertising and marketing around your niche.

  6. Article Submission. Write and submit articles to common article sites today such as, Now Public, Go Articles, Ezine and others. This is an effective way to post your website links at the end of every article.

  7. Blogging. Blogging is a strong method of promoting your site or company online. Write blog posts that are rich in unique and interesting contents. Make a stand to every blog you post to get the interest of people. This will encourage them to comment and express their side. You can promote these blog posts in blog search engines and blog directories. Additionally, you can also promote them through posting comments on other relevant blogs.

  8. Link Baiting. If you produce really unique content to your site, then people may like to link to it. You can also publish or copy content to your site and place its site link for more reference. Doing this and if your content is good, others will give back the favor. They will also post your content on their sites and then place your link for reference. This is simply how link baiting works.

Follow these strategies for they proven effective ways to optimize your site discovery and online reputation.



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