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Introduction on Contracts

As official and scary as the word may sound, a contract is simply a written, orgal, or partly oral and written, agreement that ensures your customers that you will deliver your product or service as promised and that the client will receive it, freeing you of any unnecessary liability. Officially, a contract is:

“A promise or set of promises which the law will enforce”

This agreement creates rights and obligations that may be enforced in the court of law. The typiical method of enforcement is an action for damages for breach of contract, but in some cases the court may order performance by the party in default.

For a contract to be valid, both parties must enter into the agreement freely, and the purpose of the contract cannot be illegal or contrary to public policy in any way.

Why Have Contracts?

It may seem imposing to offer a contract or to require that your buyers sign before delivering goods or services, but a well-written, legal contract protects both you and your customers from fraud or other potential issues. The main concern when having a document signed is two-fold. First, you need to make sure the signature is legally accepted should any problem ever go to court to be decided by a judge. If the signature is not properly accepted and approved, you may not be fully protected. Second, attaining a signature in person, on paper is one thing. However, today’s buying and selling world has gone online. This means that the signatures you acquire need to be done digitally without creating cumbersome obstacles for the customer, yet still maintaining the legality of the signature should you ever need to use it in a courtroom setting.

Developers have designed plugins specifically for WordPress sites to make your job easier and free up your time from tedious tasks and be able to devote your energy and efforts to what you do best – running your business. Get your documents signed off legally and court-ready by using WordPress plugins with premium and free options.

Premium WordPress Contract Plug-ins

Approve me – Sign and collect signatures on legally binding documents directly from your WordPress site with this top-end plugin, and say goodbye to monthly fees. Send, eSign, and track documents using your WordPress site. Draw your signature with the computer mouth, and save it as a PDF. There is no limit to the number of docments you will be able to upload ready for signature. The plugin is UETA and ESIGN compliant with optional forced SSL. Explore the many extensions to approve me, and get a full-service plugin customized for your every need.

WP Online Contract – For less than $20, this plugin allows you to create, manage, sign, send, archive, and save contracts online through your WordPress site. Don’t even worry about learning complicated coding skills or paying exhorbitant prices for an IT team of coders, because the plugin provides you with custom shortcodes and has integrated payment modules. Use the built-in editor to create your own templates. Send automatic email notifications, and immediately know with a glance which contracts have been signed and which ones remain outstanding. After the document is signed, your client is able to print the contract or create an online PDF and pay the amount owed all in one spot using multiple payment options, including PayPal that comes free, or Stripe,, Skrill, Dwolla as an add-on feature. Track where and when a contract was signed with the signature authentication. The plugin is fully responsive, so it is ready to use on any screen or mobile device.


Extensions to Approve me

Gravity Forms Signature Add-On – Add this signature plugin to ensure your signatures are legally binding, court-recognized document. It is built exclusively for WordPress to protect you and your clients that are automatically generated with your Gravity Forms, WP eSignature, Stand Alone Docs, and Custom Fields data add ons.

WooCommerce Digital Signature – Require customers to sign a legally binding contract before downloading your product or service. This add-on works with approve me to automate the digital signature process, and is easy to set up and use. To operate this add-on, you must first have in place WooCommerce, WP eSignature, Stand Alone Document, and the Woo Digital Signature.

Easy Digital Downloads Digital Signature – Before your product or service is downloaded, automatically gather a required legally binding signature from your customers with this add-on that works hand-in-hand with the approve me plugin. To use this add-on, you must first have Easy Digital Downloads, WP eSignature, Stand Alone Docs add-on, and the EDD Digital Signature add on.


Free WordPress Contract Plug-ins

WooCommerce Digital Signature – Transform your online store into a court-recognized document signing application at no cost to you. Automatically gather signatures on your contracts for product and services when you already have WooCommerce, WP eSignature, and a Stand Alone Docs add-on and the free Woo Digital Signature add on.

WP ONLINE CONTRACT – Create, manage, and save contracts directly from your WordPress site. Customize contracts using flat txt file and a few easy-to-use shortcodes. View changes to the contract, and gather signatures online. Create your own templates, integrate WordPress editor, automate email notifications, and quickly see which contracts are signed or need to be signed. Ask for a quote to download, or buy a professional license for about $19. The dashboard allows you to quickly set a password and send clients a link that is only visible when they insert their password. The plugin integrates with Stripe, Dwolla, Skrill, and payment methods.

Give your customers the peace of mind that the goods or services you promise will be delivered just as you say. Also, protect yourself from lawsuits against you or your company. Cover your bases, and make sure your contracts are legally signed when you use one of these WordPress plugins with premium and free options and all of the add-ons you need.


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