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Enhance Your Sites Pictures with Quality WordPress Plugins

The saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is possibly even truer when it comes to online content. Quality thumbnails and feature images capture and maintain interested traffic generated to your site. Feature beautiful images that draw visitors to your site and makes them happy to stick around. Select from these essential features images WordPress plug-in options.

  1. Quick Featured Images

    Quickly set, replace, or delete images in bulk, set default images, and view overview lists at your fingertips. Change images on posts without having to leave the posts list page. Define as many presets as you desire for automatic default featured images, setting accurate rules that are based on post properties.

  2. Quick Featured Images Pro

    Add even more features to enhance your featured images like a pro for a small premium cost. Get all of the features in the free version of this plug-in, plus the use of audio, videos, and custom post types.

  3. Default featured image

    Add this plug-in to the media settings page, and get started creating some beautiful images.  Set image sizes, thumbnail sizes. Upload custom pictures, or select from the media files.

  4. Require Featured Image

    This plug-in is perfect for when the lack of a featured image causes your layout to break or look as if something is missing. When you or your contributors attempt to publish a post without a featured image, they will not be able to publish until a featured image is selected. A simple error message will show up reminding the user that a featured image is required to publish the content.

  5. Featured Image From URL

    Use an external image of your choice, from Flikr, Picasa, Amazon S3, or anywhere, to set as your featured image in posts, pages, or custom post types like WooCommerce product images. The plug-in supports Product Gallery as well. Automatically include showing featured images, internal or external, in posts, pages, and product displays at the beginning of the content. When you access posts, pages, products, or product categories in the admin menu, the featured images are shown in a new column.

  6. Featured Images in RSS w/ Size and Position

    Add featured images to your RSS feed. Change the size and position to your liking. The plug-in integrates well with Feedburner, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Feedly, or any other Third party RSS reader, email, or aggregation service. The featured images appear on the left or right of the text with word wrap and your choice of thumbnail size. Use the plug-in to set featured images on RSS feeds for multiple sites, giving each site its individual size and positioning setting options.

  7. Featured Image in Content

    This plug-in is perfect for times you switch to a theme that does not show featured images on single posts. Automatically display featured images at the top of your content area on single post views. If you change themes to one that does show featured images, simply deactivate as needed.

  8. Multiple Post Thumbnails

    Why settle for only one image? This is the perfect plug-in for adding multiple images to a post. Easily set your featured image, and then set your secondary image to post. Add or remove images as desired.

  9. Auto Featured Image from Title

    This plug-in offers relief to those who find themselves spending more time finding and editing pictures than on writing the actual post itself. Publish content just became easier with this plug-in that automatically generates an image from the post title for newly created or updated posts. Simply write your blog post, and the plug-in automatically generates an image. Select a background image, and the plug-in will write the title, excerpt, or first 55 characters of the content from the post. The image is then included in your theme wherever it fits. Upgrade to the Pro version for even more control features.

  10. QQWorld Auto Save Images

    Automatically set featured images, and keep all remote pictures on the local media library when publishing posts.  The plug-in is compatible with Custom Upload Dir. Upgrade to Pro for additional features, such as auto delete HTML code, detecting duplicate images, and manual options.

Images are important to create and hold the interest of site visitors. Get featured, and draw visitors to your site by using amazing graphics and featured images. Select from these plug-ins that make it easy to incorporate your favorite featured images to your site.


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