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Top Multilingual plug-ins

Communicate with your customers in the language that speaks to them. Choose from these top multilingual plugins.


Whether your website is a simple blog or a large corporate site, the WordPress Multilingual Plugin WPML is designed to help you easily build and maintain multilingual sites. Translate posts, pages, custom types, menus, taxonomy, and theme’s texts with this plugin that is compatible with every theme or plugin that uses WordPress API as well as integrates through SDL Language Cloud Connector and comes with full support.

2. MultilingualPress

Set up a translation-ready network on multiple sites in no time. Use a widget that you customize to link multiple sites, each running an individual language. Run and connect an unlimited number of sites with 174 languages to choose from with no lock-in effect, which means that when you edit or disable the plugin all of the sites will continue to work as separate sites without losing any data. Duplicate sites, use one site as a template, synchronize trash, and add links to language alternatives to a post automatically. Translate posts, pages, categories, and tags. Add translation links to the menu. Every user is able to choose the language of their choice on the back end without changing the language on the front end. Generate SEO friendly urls and permalinks. It comes with automatic hreflang support and support for custom post types.

3. WPGlobus – Multilingual Everything!

Manually translate your site’s posts, pages, categories, tags, menus, and widgets with this plugin that provides you with some main multilingual tools. WPGlobus works as a foundation to other plugins with the family and allows you to use the top bar selector to switch the administrator interface language. Enable multilingual SEO features, and switch the languages from the front end using a drop-down menu extension or widgets that you customize. Use custom combinations of country flags, locales, and language names. Go pro to get more features like WooCommerce translations or to translate urls.

4. Scrybs Translation

Quickly and easily turn your WordPress site into an SEO-ready, translating urls, multilingual site with automatic, manual, or professional translation. Scrybs syncs with your source content and then provides you with all of the multilingual content on the dashboard where you are able to manage your translations and select to translate content, go automatic, or tap into the resources of a community of professional translators. Translate into 64 languages with content that is automatically parsed from HTML source code and pushed to your Scrybs cloud account. You receive continual support from the start. The plugin is free for small websites and is upgradable for larger sites.

5. Straker Translations

Some things should be automated, while other things are delivered best with the human touch. This plugin combines the best of both worlds. Get your content professionally translated with access to 5,000 real-life translators. Get accurate translations from the human translation service while automating the workflow of your site. Easily set up and install. The plugin is scalable for more than 80 languages, offers automated processes to make your job easier, and generates all of the dashboard reports you need. You receive anytime 24/7 support and are able to create unlimited projects.


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