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Best Shortcodes plug-ins

You want your site to reflect the style of the product or service it represents, but that means fighting with tricky CSS or php coding that can mess up the entire site. To get it right requires hours and hours of an expensive professional developer or computer code expert. Or, does it? Using shortcodes makes this process of setting up and designing your site so easy that non-coders are able to sit down and make it work, but how do you know what code to use the shortcodes? That’s where these WordPress plug-ins come in handy. They generate the proper shortcodes for you to install to make it easy to design the site to look the way you want. It’s like having your very own computer coding translator at your fingertips ready to translate how you envision your site looking. The end results is an impressive site that no one will believe was built by a newbie. Here are 13 of the best shortcodes plug-ins available for WordPress.

  1. Shortcodes Ultimate
    Easily design buttons, tabs, accordion sliders, galleries, and other elements that make a site look as if a professional coder designed it. This plug-in offers free features that are premium quality. Use the easy drop-down menu to select from any number of the key elements you need for your site, and it’s fully responsive.
  2. Shortcoder
    This plug-in generates shortcodes that include HTML and Javascript built-in, so you don’t have to question if you’ve got it right. Once it’s generated, the shortcodes are ready to insert into any page or within posts. Name each shortcode with your own custom title to make them easy to quickly identify, and create templates for frequently used the content. Edit, disable or enable the shortcode as needed from within the visual editor.
  3. Easy Bootstrap Shortcode
    Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, Javascrip, and CSS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. This shortcode knows that and allows you to easily add a bootstrap style to your pages and posts. Design custom badges, collapsible menus, accordion sliders, galleries, grids, popovers, progress bars with labels, custom icons, responsive images with effects, and services boxes or description lists.
  4. Simple Shortcodes
    This WordPress plug-in provides you with a button that fits into your toolbar to make it easy to use. A click of the button provides you with shortcodes to create buttons, call-out boxes, toggles, columns, and just about any customized feature you want for your site. It works with any theme, though it has been designed to work best with themes.
  5. FruitFul ShortCodes
    This plug-in provides you with a customized toolbar filled with icon buttons that you press to design the site elements you want. Add horizontal or vertical columns, buttons, progress bars, alert boxes, promotional texts with shadows, separators, and accordions.
  6. Arconix Shortcodes
    Enhance the look of your website with custom-designed boxes, tabs, toggles, and buttons. This plug-in generates the shortcodes needed and fits any sized screen with its responsive design. An added feature is its compatibility mode which checks to make sure there are no conflicts within the names of your shortcodes. Design up to 5 columns using its 6 style and 6 utility shortcodes.
  7. Nite Shortcodes
    This free plug-in provides you with more than 25 pre-coded shortcodes that are fully responsive. The shortcodes help you easily design elements to your sites, like toggles, columns, video, or alert boxes. While the plug-in makes it super easy for non-coders, it also leaves room for those who do know and enjoy writing their own code.
  8. Shortcake (Shorcode UI)

    The name is no accident because the plug-in makes creating shortcodes easy, like a piece of cake. Render your shortcode in an easy-to-read user-friendly view. Use this plug-in with add_shortcode to create a beautiful UI User Interface. After you install Shortcake, you will need to register UI for your shortcodes.

  9. Shortcodes in Menus

    If you thought that the WordPress navigational windows were just for links, this plug-in will surprise you. It makes it possible for you to add shortcodes to the WordPress Navigation Menu to generate links dynamically. In addition to this, it lets you add HTML sections to the navigation menu as well.

  10. Cocorico Shortcodes

    This plug-in takes the shortcodes and makes it easy for those who don’t speak English by internationalizing the code using Po Edit. Use it to create columns, message boxes, buttons, tabs, toggles, 4 styles of content separators, and call-to-action buttons.

  11. Oik

    Easily generate more than 80 advanced styling codes with this plug-in. It uses lazy smart programming which means it won’t slow down your site because the code only loads when it is needed and recognizes the content used and will adjust itself accordingly. It provides you with a discovery page to easily see what shortcodes are being used on your site. The plug-in is theme independent, so if you change your theme, it still works. It also uses microformats which means search engines like Google will easily understand your content.

  12. WPVKP Ultimate Shortcodes

    This plug-in allows you to easily modernize your site with responsive Google maps, social media sharing, and call-to-action buttons. Add one-click YouTube videos and customize tabs and accordions. It supports Font Awesome and fontello and provides retina-ready icons. Add some great CSS3 transition effects and an array of color choices.

  13. WPVKP Shortcodes

    Make your site your own, with your unique style. Stay modern with this plug-in who offers up-to-the-minute support. This is an easy-to-use and highly customizable shortcodes plug-in. It provides a collection of responsive, attractive and up-to-date shortcodes for WordPress. Easily modify button colors and sizes, and customize columns, warning and notice boxes, horizontal bars, dividers, headings, and integrate Google Maps.


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