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Best Premium Calculator WordPress Plug-ins

Visiting your website shouldn’t become a high-level math class. Nobody wants to spend time performing complicated mathematical calculations when there is a faster, more efficient way to arrive at the answer. Make it easy on visitors to your site by using these best premium calculator plug-ins.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator Plug-in for WordPress

Your mortgage is one of the largest loans you will ever pay. Knowing exactly what is owed or how much you would save if you pay a little bit extra or reformulate how payments are made will save you a chunk of change in the long-run and possibly even shorten the lifetime of the loan. Add a Mortgage and Loan Calculator Plugin to your WordPress site, and visitors have some handy tools at their fingertips to calculate some complicated mathematical equations. This plug-in offers easy-to-use shortcodes that you can choose to include inside the post itself in the form of a widget. You receive e-mail reports, and the plug-in automatically translates text into your or your site visitor’s preferred language. Calculations are made based upon interest rates and loan amounts that are entered by the user right there on site. Your visitors also have the option of receiving email reports and can enter extra payment details and change the field values without reloading the entire page.

Diet Calculator WP Edition

Dieting is difficult enough without having to add in working through the complicated BMI, BMR, weight loss totals and calorie intake amounts. Use a plug-in for your WordPress site that does all the hard work for you. This online calculator makes it easy to calculate Body Mass Index BMI, Resting Metabolic Rate RMR, and Basic Metabolic Rate BMR. The calculator also calculates calorie intake and how many weeks it will take to succeed at each new goal. Even if your site does not directly relate to dieting, this plug-in will bring visitors to your site because it is information people are looking for to help them get healthy. The plug-in is fully responsive, so users can enjoy it while staying active and on-the-run. Add translation and localization options. Customize with more than 100 choices in fonts and customize colors.

Electric Appliances Cost Calculator

Oh, that new flat-screen TV, brand new refrigerator, or stereo system look great in the showroom, but wouldn’t it be nice to know the bottom line of what each one will actually cost to use once you get them home? Allow visitors to calculate the cost of electricity based upon which home appliances you use with this plug-in for your WordPress site. The calculator plug-in uses the number of electrical units, hours of use, and wattage to show you how much the electricity costs to use them. You have the option of plugging in a variety of electrical components to get a bottom line estimate of the actual cost to use. Estimate kitchen appliances, large and small; televisions, household electrical items, bathroom electricity and even medical, HVAC, garage doors and workshop appliances as well as outdoor hedge trimmers to sump pumps. Learn the cost to use anything that takes electricity to run.

Easy Currency Converter

When traveling to or buying something from another country, it is often necessary to figure out the exact cost based upon your country’s currency. The values of these currencies are constantly changing, so just because you think you know what a dollar is worth in terms of a Lira, for instance, it may have changed while you were deciding on what to purchase. This plug-in widget supports more than 180 different forms of currency, updated in real time. So, you can be confident that the exchange value is current.


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