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Feature Your Podcast with Quality & Ease with a WordPress Plugin

Give your visitors a listening ear to what matters to them with quality podcasts. A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the internet for the purpose of downloading to a computer or portable media player. Often offered as a series of podcasts with new installments added and offered to subscribers automatically. These best podcasting WordPress plug-ins are available in free and premium options.


Premium Podcasting WordPress Plug-ins

Premium WordPress Automatic plug-in

Automatically pull information from sites like YouTube, Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Craigslist, Instagram, or Pinterest pins and share them on your WordPress site. Auto post articles, set up to post from RSS feeds, extract specific parts of the original posts or fetch full content from summary feeds. Customize what you post with search and replace, skipping posts with no content or without images, categories, tags, original author, and time features.  For just under $20, you are able to install this plug-in and let it do the work for you.

Premium Smart Podcast Player

Get more subscribers, shares, and downloads with this great-looking plug-in. The design looks great, and it works with any podcast RSS feed, from any host. The interactive library makes it easy for your listeners to explore past episodes without interrupting the current episode that is playing. Play one podcast or the entire library, download episodes from the player, and speed up or slow down playback. The plug-in supports all mp3 based podcast feeds with library episodes that update automatically every time you publish new. It is ready to play on mobile sites and integrates social media sharing to make it fast and easy.

Premium Simple PodcastPress

Grow your listening audience, and gain better iTunes reviews. Publish episodes of your podcasts automatically to your WordPress site. The plug-in is ready for mobile devices, even providing a player that is able to be customized and works well with Blubrry‘s PowerPress plug-in. Share your podcasts easily when you use Clammr integration, one-click Tweets with an automatic url shortener, and add automation, clickable timestamps, and email opt-in boxes.


Free Podcasting WordPress Plug-ins

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Sharing your audio and video content doesn’t need to be complicated and doesn’t have to cost for a plug-in. Seriously Simple Podcasting plug-in for WordPress allows you to podcast with no tedious loopholes to jump through. It’s fast and easy to get your podcast up and running, run multiple podcasts at the same site with their own unique RSS feed, gather stats with a free add-on. Use shortcodes and widgets to quickly modify and customize the plug-in to work for you.

Podtrac & Seriously Simple Podcasting

Allow both episode redirects and feed redirects by adding Podtrac support to your WordPress site that seamlessly interacts with the Seriously Simple Podcasting plug-in.

Spreaker Shortcode (free)

Use this free Spreaker Shortcode to use as an easy way to embed Spreaker audio player widgets to work with any Spreaker track, collection, or user, into your site. Once installed, it works seamlessly on all of your posts within your WordPress site.

Rotate Soundcloud Player (free)

Amazing plug-in for podcasts. Use a widget to feature all of the latest tracks in a soundcloud playlist. Include an option to rotate to older tracks.

Buzzsprout Podcasting (free)

Use visually appealing HTML5 audio players to add podcast episodes from your Buzzsprout account to your site. Enjoy secure, reliable hosting and full iTunes support. View stats, such as all time plays, and promote your podcast. The plug-in fetches your episodes from your Buzzsprout feed url and allows you to embed them into your posts or pages quickly. The plug-in comes with Buzzsprout plans for free, is easy to install onto your WordPress dashboard, and works with all self-hosted WordPress accounts. It comes free with a podcast migration tool that allows you to switch from your old podcast hosting server. Take control over your RSS feed, and choose from three HTML5 and Flash audio players to embed to your site. All it takes is dropping your feed url in Buzzsprout, and then Buzzsprout Podcasting handles the rest.

Sermon Manager Import (free)

Import and post sermons in draft or publish status using ID3 information. Upload through WordPress uploader or another method of your choice. The plug-in searches the base folder that you specify, and then files are added through the WordPress uploader. Once the sermon is posted, the file is moved to the uploads folder using organization method selected in the WordPress settings. Currently, only mp3 files are supported. Specify a different folder if you prefer.

Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plug-in

Developed by podcasters for podcasters, this plug-in is designed for your specific use and integrates with Blubrry’s services nicely. Keep it simple, or enjoy some more advanced modes. Integrate multiple audio/video player options, social media sharing and subscribe tools with this plug-in that supports iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn and Blubrry Podcasting directories along with all podcast applications and clients.

Podcast Player

Adding the link to your .mp3 file is all that is required to get this podcast player up and running. Don’t let its ease of set up fool you. Easily embed or create a podcast directly on your WordPress site by using shortcodes or buttons that have been designed to be user friendly.

Dicentis Podcast

Create multiple podcast feeds, and support different media types with one installation. Listen and watch your episode directly with the built-in WordPress media player. Also, add speaker or series to episodes for enhanced archiving. Enhance episodes with more meta data for search engine optimization. Customize by creating specific podcast users, enjoy full i18n support, and ready to translate.

Podlove Podcast Publisher

Move your podcast out of the past where you have to jump complicated hurdles to get it to interact seamlessly with new, rapidly advancing technology. The designers of this plug-in came up with a solution with this plug-in that offers compatible feeds, GUID control to replace faulty episodes, and support for meta data to boost your rankings in the search engine and get your podcasts viewed by those who want them. It offers multi-format publishing. Add certain use cases or audiences without complicating the publishing process. Enjoy flexible templates and chapter support. The Publisher comes ready to integrate with Podlove Web Player plug-in and full support for audio and video formats. The Web Player is ready for all touch screens and built for HTML5 with Flash fallback for viewing on older browsers. Podlove offers open-sourced podcast publisher, web player, and a subscribe button.

Podlove Subscribe button

Bring your visitors back for more of what they want to see and hear with this plug-in that allows you to easy include the Podlove Subscribe Button into your pages and posts with simple shortcode or into the sidebar with the use of a simple widget. Don’t worry about dealing with feed urls or going hunting for feed subscription dialogues. The subscribe button allows users to subscribe with the touch of a button directly from their favorite browser and activates the subscription function in all popular podcast apps that support various operating systems, including iOS, Linux, WindowsPhone, Android, OSX, and Windows. Podlove currently offers open sourced podcast publisher, web player, and subscribe button.


Move your podcasts RSS to a whole new level with UpCast, Upstage, Upscale, and Upload. This plug-in allows you to customize and filter displays of your podcasts in your pages, posts, and sidebar widgets, using special enhancements from the podcasting platform. Show future items instead of past items, and identify where your clicks are coming from with the built-in analytics. The plug-in handles images and thumbnails along with additional standard podcast fields as well as custom templates using shortcodes and HTML.

Broadcast your message clearly with crisp, quality sound as they listen in and respond to what you have to say. Try out one of the many free options, or start out with premium from the start. Choose from these  best podcasting WordPress plug-ins available to deliver your podcasts in the best quality that will build your subscriber list who want to see future episodes.


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