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A Creative Way to Get Reader’s to Comment on Your Blog Posts

Sure you know how to add images to your site, but what about diagrams, charts, or drawings? How would you like to actually allow site visitors to express themselves through doodling their comments? These plug-ins allow you to add the element of

  1. DrawIt ( – Draw and edit posts that contain diagrams, charts, and images. Drawit plug-in for WordPress smoothly interacts with the website to make it a breeze to create beautiful flow charts, diagrams, and drawings on your site. The plug-in saves the source code from of your diagram and also provides you with a PNG or SVG version of each image design. Whatever your preference, us the Media Library, the visual editor, or choose the text editor. The plug-in is free and runs flawlessly.
  2. Draw Attention – A few clicks, and drawing images is a snap. This UK English version of the plug-in is a great choice for creating floor plans, featuring products, trade show diagrams, group photos, or for annotating image tutorials. It has a fully responsive design, so the images fit and re-size any screen and any theme. Customize the look and color, and boost your search engine optimization. Allow areas of images to become highlighted when visitors hove the mouse over them. The highlighted areas are easy to draw and edit. Create the shapes you desire, and reveal information, or direct visitors to urls with just one click. Choose the Pro version of the plug-in to add multiple interactive images with limitless highlighted areas and layout options like lightbox or tooltip along with 20 pre-defined color palettes.
  3. WP GPX Maps – Even if you don’t have a gps camera, this plug-in allows you to quickly set up and display your NextGen Gallery images inside a map. Draw a gpx track with altitude graph, and retrieve the image position starting from the image date and your GPX file. Review charts that show altitude, speed, temperature, grade, heart rate, and speed. Configure custom icons and colors. The plug-in supports multiple languages. Contribute your code to building this plug-in further on github.
  4. Dooodl – Add a little fun to your blog guest book when you invite site visitors to doodle and then save their work to the sidebar with a note. Get emails with quick delete and approve links for new submissions. Use the sidebar widget and basic template tags to decide how the doodles appear. This plug-in allows you to embed the doodle gallery into a page or post using shortcodes. Moderate all of the submitted doodles through an easy-to-use Administration panel.
  5. WP Draw Attention – This premium plug-in will pay for itself in no time. Use the feature tours to allow your users to go on an interactive tour of your app, and show them how to get the most out of it. Draw attention to floor plans, highlight areas of a map, or identify individuals in group photos. Very similar features to the UK version with the same name, WP Draw Attention allows WordPress sites to create interactive images. Easy to draw and accessible map info and highlightable areas with features like Highlight on Hover, customizable colors, layout options including lightbox and tooltip, a fully responsive design, SEO friendly content that is accessible even to users who have JavaScript disabled. Show full color graphs and charts, and highlight the features that you want to show off that make your products special.

Allow site visitors to stick around and doodle, or integrate necessary charts and diagrams directly into your WordPress site. Regardless of your specific need for implementing drawing elements onto your pages, these plug-ins allow you to customize to your heart’s content. Select the best plug-in to draw in WordPress for your individual site.



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