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5 Star WordPress Themes & Plugins for Your 5 Star Recipes

What customers have to say about a product or a service often sways other customers in their decision to give your product or business a try or go elsewhere. With Google and its social networking sites placing an emphasis on local products and services offered online, customer reviews are becoming more and more important. You need a way to make it easy for visitors to your site to share their input, or if you write book, music, or other product reviews as part of your blog, there are some review plug-ins that will make your life easier while directing traffic to your site.

Tap into this lasting trend, and give your site visitors what they are looking for. Use review plug-ins to interact with your users about product information, reviews, recipe displays, upcoming events and software application information including review ratings and price. Display Google Rich Snippets that show segments of pertinent information including star ratings based on Google algorithms for the viewer to see all in one spot. It’s time to discover some of the best FREE Review WordPress plug-ins available.

WP Review Bank

Best Review and Rating System – This plug-in for WordPress helps you create reviews for your site. Choose from unlimited color schemes in stars, points or percentages formats to be displayed for your review scores. It is considered one of the best review and rating system plug-ins available because it is fast and easy to use while completely fluid responsive. It allows users to quickly rate a product, service, or whatever needs to be reviewed on your site. Easily modify the colors and themes of how you want the plug-in to appear.

WP Review

Don’t sacrifice the speed of your site in an attempt to gain user interaction with reviews. Choose to display your review scores with stars, points, or percentages with a free premium-quality plug-in that supports Retina display, is fully fluid responsive, supports Google Rich Snippets, WordPress Multisite and Multiuser compatible WPMU/WPMS, and offers unlimited color schemes. It provides the option of including a tabbed widget that shows recent or popular reviews and even gives you the option to set Global Positions and is ready to translate a variety of languages. Customize it to appear the way you want to fit with the theme of your site and with your own custom fields. It’s easy to use for newbies, and developers like it too.

WP Product Review Lite

Invite users to not only review your products but also have full control over what percentage counts toward the final review. Place the latest product reviews in a widget on a sidebar so visitors will clearly see them. The free version comes with Rich Snippet support, latest product widget, pros/cons, user reviews, and an affiliate button. The code is easy to edit with minimal HTML experience.

Rich Reviews

Embed your user reviews or ratings anywhere you choose within your site. Easily add Google Rich Snippets throughout your website pages. Customize for your needs inviting users to review products, categories or your website and then you have full control to choose which reviews will appear on your site. Add to your page or within posts, or choose to use widgets, footers, or sidebars to display your reviews.

Author hReview

It’s really all about SEO, so this plug-in embraces all of your site’s stats by helping you add Google Rich Snippets of reviews based on major search engine results. The plug-in uses to generate all of the pertinent information that your potential customers need to find you. Take control over search results using rating stars to generate more traffic to your site.

Good Reviews for WordPress

Add attractive and informative reviews or testimonials to your site. Choose to display them on any page, within posts, or on widgets. The plug-in uses schema markup to generate informative brief summary reviews and testimonials and is part of a group of plug-ins designed for restaurants. You are in full control. The plug-in does not allow users to submit their own reviews. Choose the format you want, such as 5-star or numbered ratings, include a photo avatar or links to the reviewer, reveal one review at a time or several within a category, or incorporate a fader to make it visually appealing for the user to cycle through lists of reviews.

WP Customer Reviews

This plug-in allows visitors to leave their reviews for your business or product along with any testimonials they may have in regard to your business service or products through a specific page on your site that is set up to receive customer reviews and testimonials. Before the testimonials appear on your site, you have the option of adding your own response to the review. You moderate everything and decide which reviews to post and customize everything from the information input fields to a theme that matches your site. It comes with anti-spam features, shortcodes so you can add the plug-in into widgets, and is WP Multisite and Multiuser WPMU/WPMS compatible.

POWr Reviews

Ask visitors to your site to provide reviews and ratings and then display them for all to see. This plug-in is a free cloud-based option that allows you to edit it live. It does require that you first set up a POWr account to access. Choose what reviews you display, limit the review length, allow users to vote for their favorite posts, and select colors, fonts, backgrounds, and borders that match your site’s theme. The free version comes with support that is built-in and is mobile responsive, designed to look great on any device.

Heyoya Voice Reviews & Comments

Wouldn’t it be great if you could not only read what a user thought of a product or service but also be able to hear their voice inflictions? This plug-in does just that. It allows users the option to record their voice as they tell all. Don’t worry, it also gives them the choice to type it in text form if they prefer. The user also is verified by logging in to their favorite social networking site so you can filter spambots, and they can then vote up other reviews and share them across the web as well. It’s easy to set up, allows unlimited voice recordings, comes with an easy-to-use administrator’s dashboard, and allows you to fully customize it to fit your site.

Book Review

If you write a lot of book reviews on your site, this plug-in is a huge timesaver for you and allows you to focus on writing the actual review instead of spending too much time collecting all of the pertinent data about the book. The plug-in pulls in book synopsis, price and other information to add directly to your review. Because it creates great-looking search result snippets, it will also help to increase traffic to your site.

Book Review Library

The developer of this plug-in sat down with librarians and asked them what they were looking for when it comes to finding a review on a book. After lengthy discussions, this plug-in was born. If you write tons of book reviews or are a librarian, this is the plug-in for you. It helps you create a library of books with their reviews and list and sort them by genre, most recent reviews, or title on your site with all of the important information Google looks for, such as author, illustrator, genre, subjects, and ratings, to boost your SEO. Choose the display you want, from an extensive book list or three books at a time along with their covers if available.

JKL Reviews

This plug-in takes care of the styling information so you can focus on writing the actual review. It allows you to review books, music, movies, products, or online courses using a star rating while linking out too quickly connect the user to any related sites. The plug-in stores the product or book’s information inside a custom meta box that is displayed alongside a special ID card and the related ratings at the top of your post. Choose fonts and color themes as well as light and dark display box styles. There is a range slider for selecting ratings in a fully responsive format and supports affiliate links.


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