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Increase Your Sites Ranking with an External Link Plugins

In the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is often believed that using external links properly is the number one determining factor as to how high and quickly your site climbs in the search engine rankings. External links are those links that point to your site to drive traffic to you as well as links you place on your site that take those who click on them to other sites outside of yours.

There are secrets to using external links properly, and it’s helpful when there is a tool that has these shortcuts to proper external link building built in, such as target=blank to open up in a new tab, or no follow links that tell search engines not to count the link to look like you are spamming or abusing SEO practices. Nofollow links should be used on paid links, comments, user-generated content, embeds, and anytime you don’t want your site to be seen as endorsing a link to another site. Abbreviations like “rel” is short for relationship and associates content with your site. Here are the best external link plug-ins for WordPress.

  1. WP Links

    Standardize the format of all of your external links in your posts, pages, and comments. Open external links in the current tab or a new tab. The plug-in includes domain filtering, external image hosting support, and the ability to show your choice of 100 icons next to the external link. Add nofollow, and title attributes.

  2. MDC Target Blank

    Force pages or posts to be opened in a new tab with this plug-in. Don’t worry about constantly typing, “target=”_blank” every time you need to use it. This plug-in does it for you.

  3. External Permalinks Redux

    Point WordPress objects, such as posts, custom posts, or pages, to a specific URL. Visitors are automatically redirected to the indicated URL in a content loop, either temporarily or permanently. Add the external permalinks Redux meta box to custom posts through a filter. If you prefer, there is an add meta box function included for you to use.

  4. Page Links To

    Set up navigational links to non-WordPress sections of your site or to off-site resources. Create hand-crafted menus that link to pages, categories, or posts inside your site. Choose a URL, and direct your posts or pages to it using this plug-in. Link to an external URL instead of its WordPress URL. The plug-in will also redirect visitors who click on the old, or “normal” URL.

  5. Nofollow for External Link

    Simply and automatically add “rel=nofollow” as well as “target=blank” to all of your external links within your site. This will open links in a new tab and mark them so search engines know you are not abusing the SEO system. If you like, you can also set exclude domains. The plug-in offers paid support through PayPal or email.

  6. WP External Links (nofollow new tab SEO) –

    Make your external links on your site SEO friendly. Set all external links to open in a new tab or window using “nofollow”, “noopener” or “referrer” for security, all with font icons. The plug-in may also be used for internal links if you want. The plug-in also allows you to set CSS classes and title attributes, scan posts, comments, widgets, and pages to create solid SEO practices. Enjoy network settings with WPMU support, template tag that applies settings on specific content, set data-attribute to specify how to treat specific links, and use action and filters to implement additional customization to fit your site’s theme and need. Set up is a breeze through the admin page.

  7. External Link New Window

    In one easy step, universally set your links to open in a new window. This plug-in does the work for you, so you don’t need to tediously add the target command to each link. Simply, activate the plug-in, and it’s ready to go to work for you to automatically set your links.

  8. NoFollowr

    Quickly and easily give credit where credit is due without supporting outside sites that are suspect or unethical. Download NoFollowr WordPress Plugin to allow the administrator of your site to see at a glance which external links are promoting search engine optimization of an external site. Toggle between the sites to activate or disallow this benefit in one easy click of a green check mark or a red circle icon. Once you’ve made your choice, the result is instantaneous and does not need a page reload to implement.

Take control of how the external links function from your site to help boost your rankings in the search engines and provide visitors with an overall useful experience when they view and interact with your site. Try out these best external link plug-ins for WordPress to find the one that best fits your site’s theme and needs.


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