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Provide Sound Quality Podcasts for Your Audience with WordPress Plugins

Podcasters focus on the quality of sound, and sometimes video, in capturing their audience and keeping them coming back to your site for more. Bring your site alive by allowing your visitors to hear what they’ve been missing. Perfect for podcasters, these are among the best audio plug-ins for WordPress for podcasters.

  1. Compact WP Audio Player – Provide a compact audio player to your site that is compatible with all major browsers. This plug-in is an HTML5 and Flash hybrid, so it is playable even on iOS devices. The plug-in allows you to embed an mp3 audio file onto your posts or pages through the use of a shortcode, and specify mp3 and ogg versions. The audio player is fully responsive and gives you an autoplay option to play an audio or mp3 file as soon as the page loads. Use it for podcasts, or to offer a preview of audio files you are selling on site.


  1. Simple Audio Player – It doesn’t get much easier than this to add an audio player to your site. Simple Audio Player plug-in uses HTML5 fallback that allows you to customize flash to offer tons of options with shortcode. It is easy to configure how you want it and is lightweight with fast loading times. Choose color and size, and set JavaScript to loan only on pages where the player is required.


  1. Audio Player by Clammr – Go viral, and build your email contact list, with your sound recordings and podcasts. Built in partnership with Blubrry, embed an audio player that makes it easy for visitors to your site to share your content. Listeners easily share highlights to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. All of the audio clips shared contain links back to your full audio and to your website to drive traffic directly where you want it. The player is fully responsive and integrates well with iOS devices.


  1. Dynamic Audio Player Basic – Use shortcodes to provide your visitors to your site with an audio player widget that has a dynamic playlist that grows while you listen to your music and keeps a certain number of songs in front of the currently played song, cleaning up the playlist by removing old songs. Tracks continue to play as your site visitors navigate the site.


  1. ML Responsive Audio player with playlist Shortcode – Display an audio player with a playlist on your posts or pages. Randomize the playlist with no repeated tracks. ML Responsive Audio Player with Playlist Shortcode uses HTML5, no Flash fallback,  and builds with easy shortcodes that are dynamically generated. Display tracks in a playlist that are generated from an Audio Element custom post type. Upload tracks that are compatible with various browser formats. The Audio Player will re-size in browser windows with a fully responsive, mobile-ready format. Customize the color of your player..


  1. S3 Bubble Amazon S3 Video And Audio Streaming With Analytics And Uploader– Stream media from Amazon S3 to your WordPress site, and view important analytics.  The plug-in uses the new AWS uploader and offers secure encryption streaming with video captions and thumbnails and livestreaming on demand. The plug-in allows you to embed in one click and to stream to any device.


  1. Music Player for WooCommerce – Include MediaElement.js music player in pages on your site that display products with audio files associated to them. The plug-in includes an audio player that supports OGA, mp3, WAV, and WMA, provides multiple skins for the Music Player, and supports all of the most popular browsers while playing well on any mobile device. The free version offers everything you need, while the Premium version provides you with features like playing audio files in secure mode and defining the percent of audio file’s size to be played in secure mode.


  1. Audio Album – It takes you back to days of vinyl sounds and displays a collection of audio tracks in the form of an audio album. Provide lyrics and information about the album in a popup window. The plug-in uses native WordPress audio features and allows you to customize the design. Display as many Audio Albums as you need, and show multiple albums on each page. Set up is easy using shortcodes that display title, detail, date, title, width, height, songwriter, buttontext, and buttonlink. Attributes like src, mp3, ogg, wma, m4a, wav, loop, autoplay, and preload are available for use.


When it comes to the perfect podcast elements in your site, it’s your choice. Complex, simple, or dynamic and responsive, WooCommerce ready or one that integrates with other services, are all options to consider when choosing the best audio plug-ins for WordPress for podcasters.


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