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Best 13 FREE Gallery Plug-ins

Capture the eye-grabbing attention of your site’s visitors by displaying a gallery of images. It sounds amazing, yet it is often painstaking to set up and consumes all of your time to work with digital pictures. Displaying graphics and picture galleries on your site doesn’t need to be complicated, time consuming, or costly. These are 13 of the best free gallery plug-ins for WordPress.

  1. Responsive WordPress Gallery – Envira Gallery Lite

    Create a gallery of images that are ready for mobile use with this fully responsive ready plug-in. Create amazing photo and video galleries in no time at all with drag and drop ease and full control. It is also designed to be highly optimized for web and server performance and fast speeds. Customize your gallery with the built-in templates, or create your own. Add a Pinterest button on your images, and share your photos on social media or offer them for sell to visitors.

  2. NextGEN Gallery

    This extremely popular plug-in option allows you to fully manage your gallery with batch uploads, import meta data, add, delete, rearrange, sort images, edit thumbnails, and group galleries into albums. Choose from slideshow or thumbnail gallery displays. Select compact or extended album styles with options for controlling size, style, timing, transitions, controls, and lightbox effects.

  3. WP Canvas – Gallery

    Add style to your photo displays. This plug-in allows you the flexibility to extend WordPress galleries to display carousel, masonry effect, and slider galleries.

  4. Foo Gallery

    Designed to be the most user friendly gallery plug-in available and is fully responsive to use without lag on mobile devices, lightweight, and comes packed with limitless scalability. Reorder with drag and drop, use gallery templates, and make your images pop with lightbox support. If you don’t know code, no problem. If you do know code, you have the flexibility as a developer to implement as much or as little code as desired. Import NextGen galleries and images, copy to the clipboard, and easily add enjoy the amazing visual editing features. Foo Gallery is free and offers a fantastic add on Foobox Image Lightbox that gets you a full range of beautiful possibilities for display with even lighted flat surfaces and illumination.

  5. Huge-It Portfolio Gallery

    Create 7 unique views and unlimited gallery projects and portfolios or single images. Use the user friendly Admin that makes it easy to use. Your image galleries will appear beautiful on any mobile device or phone with its fully responsive features built in. Integrate widgets, YouTube and Vimeo, and add sorting buttons. The pro version offers filtering buttons and added design management.

  6. Gmedia Gallery

    Don’t be surprised if your blog starts looking more like a professional photography display. Manage files with ease while creating amazingly eye-catching galleries filled with photos, image sliders, video players, media libraries, and even a music player for audio files. Incorporate unlimited customizations with a ton of modules with with special effects, tags, albums, and categories options, like WaveSurfer Module that is a responsive SoundCloud like music player, or RealSlider Module that offers a responsive and touch friendly gallery packed with more than 50 customization choices.

  7. Gallery

    Enjoy this fully responsive plug-in that provides you with unlimited galleries and albums, five views, a couple of widgets, social media embedding, and a simple lightbox for free. Add images complete with categories, detailed descriptions, and tags. Create thumbnails, a slideshow, an image browser for single image display, a compact album view, and extended album view for displaying albums with descriptions. Go pro with 9 additional views, themes you are able to edit, integration with Instagram and other social sharing as well as comment, filmstrip, and 15 lightbox effects.]

  8. Photospace Gallery

    Upload several images at once, order them with drag and drop, and then complete the gallery with titles, captions, and descriptions. Enjoy keyboard control, pagination, and support multiple gallery displays on multiple posts. Modify the image size and shape. Customize the gallery column width and thumbnail number, size, and shape. This plug-in automatically applies to the default gallery short code built into the WordPress platform.

  9. WP Photo Album Plus

    Design, manage, and display your photo alums and slideshows within your WordPress site without hardly any effort. Create and manage albums and sub-albums, upload or import photos, specify the way albums and photos are ordered, mix photos and videos, control and customize settings to meet your needs. Link to urls within the thumbnails, and choose which thumbnail visitors see. Enable a comment or rating system, and search within the sidebar widget. There is no limitation to the number of albums, photos or nesting depth of sub-albums. Use sidebar widget to specify photos of the day widgets.

  10. Grand Flagallery – Photo Gallery Plugin

    Show the best of what your site has to offer, like featured products or brief event descriptions. Fully design and manage photo and video galleries, music albums, and banner rotator features. Upload images, or create music and video playlists. Create full-screen mobile friendly galleries with slideshows and touch control options. Provide background music in gallery for desktop browsers and widgets for other elements to display your gallery. The plug-in allows you to be SEO optimized, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Desktop friendly, and is compatible with Google Reader, and FeedBurner.

  11. Gallery Bank – Photo Galleries & Albums

    Enjoy the simplicity of usage with efficient functionality when you use this advanced plug-in with a shortcode wizard to design limitless, fully responsive, intriguing and elegant photo and video galleries and albums for WordPress sites. Select from more than 200 stunning features to add special effects and animations to grid, list, or individual albums with masonry and thumbnail layouts. Batch upload, arrange, sort, or delete images. The Premium Edition of this plug-in offers even more features.

  12. Image Gallery

    Create a gallery in a matter of minutes with the user friendly admin panel and expert support available to both the free and pro users. This advanced plug-in is compatible with Huge-IT plug-ins and many other plug-ins. Design with 7 choice views, including thumbnail, blog style, or justified views, sliders, slideshows with lightbox gallery options, as well as gallery/content popups. The Image Gallery plug-in offers fully responsive and mobile features, the option to upload bundles of images, change order and views, display content with Show All, Pagination, or Load More. Add a ratings button, the ability to insert a gallery to any post or page, copy and paste shortcodes, templates, and the ability to add titles and descriptions. Incorporate YouTube or Vimeo videos.

  13. Unite Gallery Lite

    Go with this lean, lightweight all-in-one, powerful and fast image and video gallery that allows you to create fully responsive and touch enabled and zoom features. Gallery options have their own descriptions and are divided into logical sections. Choose display options, such as tiles justified, columns, or grids, default, compact, or grid themes, sliders, carousel, and video galleries.

Designing and displaying beautiful visually appealing galleries on your site just got easier. Whichever plug-in you decide to use to create your image gallery, these are among the most popular and easy to use plug-ins that get the job done to design the photo, video, and media presentations that will draw visitors to your site and make them want to stick around to see more.


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