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Easily identify and personalize visitors to your site. Let site visitors display avatars when they comment or post to your site. Choose these free avatar WordPress plugins, or select additional features by going for the paid, premium option.

Free Avatar WordPress Plug-ins

  1. WP User Avatar – Use any image you want as a custom user avatar, and set your own default avatar. The plugin makes it easy using shortcodes. Disable or enable Gravatar avatars, and allow contributors or subscribers to upload their own avatars, even capturing pics from a Webcam for instant avatar creation and upload.
  2. Avatar Manager – Manage your avatars with ease, using on-demand image generation. Store avatars locally, and allow users to choose from Gravatar or self-hosted avatar images directly from their profile.
  3. WP First Letter Avatar – Display eye-catching letters on a colorful background as the custom avatar for users, representing the first, or any, letter in the user’s name. No need to wait for large avatars to download with this plugin that chooses the optimal size for displaying a high quality avatar. Use the PSD template for avatar that is included.
  4. WP Social Avatar – Allow users to display their social profile picture as their avatar on your WordPress site. Activate the plugin, and set the WordPress avatar features in the admin panel.
  5. Author or User Image – Set author image, remove user image, or block users. The image appears below the posts in the about author section as well as in the comment section. Resize the image to maintain the necessary bandwidth and extra disk space, and set a default image for your user.
  6. Adorable Avatars – As the name implies, add adorable and eye-catching avatars to your WordPress site. Seamlessly incorporate the Adorable Avatars placeholder service images for users without a custom avatar to select for display.
  7. WP User Manager – Create front-end profiles for logged-in members with this WordPress plugin. Manage all of your users and the avatars that represent them online.

Premium Avatar WordPress Plug-ins

  1. Uni Avatar – WP Avatar Manager Plugin – For about $13, this premium plugin provides you with the ability to enable fancy avatars for your site users.Upload your own set of images or use the included predefined avatar images on any page or anyplace on your site. The plugin suppors BuddyPress and bbPress to allow you to automatically display custom avatars or upload from the profile page.
  2. SVG Avatars Generator – WordPress Plugin – This $25 premium plugin option provides you with Gravatar-ready and UserPro integration avatar images with flexible settings. It allows you to integrate the Scalable Vector Graphic SVG Avatars Generator to allow your visitors to create custom avatars. The plugin uses vectors instead of jpgs or pngs to create a clean, professional look on any mobile device or screen and does not depend on screen resolutions but is supported by all current browsers. It is powerful enough to allow your site visitors to download their avatars as SVG or png files which is converted from vector graphic parts and uploaded to  Apply any color to graphic. The graphic engine features both mail and female avatars with more than 300 graphic parts, including automatic shadows and highlights, control positions and scale, and is transparent background enabled that works on touch devices with built-in sharing ability.
    Whether you go for the free avatar plugin options or choose to pay for more advanced features, these are among the best options when it comes to selecting avatar plugins for your WordPress site.

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