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8 Ways to Double Check Your Spelling and Grammar in WordPress

Online we only have one way to communicate. We can’t intone, gesture, smile, charm, or use any of our normal ways of communicating. The only information, and thus the only way we can persuade, is through reading the words we put on a page. Sure, great graphics and design are vitally important. When it comes to making a connection, however, it is our words that win or lose the day. You can imagine then just how important it is to make sure we are clear and appear professional and knowledgeable. Nothing kills that faster than poor grammar and spelling. With that in mind, here are 8 ways that you can make sure that you are making the best impression on your WordPress site both internally and externally.

  1. Jetpack

    Personally, I cannot imagine not installing the WordPress add-on plugin Jetpack. It comes with so many tools out of the box that can make your life easier. Did you know one of its great features is a grammar, spelling, and style proofreader? It will highlight any questionable passages in your text directly in the editing interface with different colors for spelling errors and misused words, grammar mistakes, and style suggestions- just like you would see in Microsoft Word or other text document programs.

  1. Ginger

    Ginger is an application that is raising the bar on writing of all types. It is a full-featured solution that you can use for both content creation on your website, but for other writing as well. It gives you a grammar checker, dictionary, sentence rephrasing, text reader (which can be a great tool for clarity), and translation (50 languages are available). It also features a personal trainer to help you become a stronger writer overall. It comes in a windows desktop app as well as a mobile app, so you are never far from your work.

  1. After the Deadline

    This is another desktop app that you can use for any type of writing. This is actually the software engine that Jetpack’s spellcheck program is based on. So if you find that useful, you might want to check out the program that started it all. They offer even more features than the Jetpack version, and it’s free for personal use.

  1. Grammarly

    The promise of “the cloud” is one that has been an aim of the online community for a long time. We have many solutions available for different needs, however now there is a new option for your online writing. Grammarly is a Google Chrome extension that will help you become a better writer in any online environment. Whether it is emails, Google Docs, social media, or WordPress content- this extension is there for you. It is a lightweight system that corrects grammar and spelling mistakes, poor word usage, and contextual errors with a popup that will appear wherever you are writing. You will communicate more clearly than ever before.

  1. AutoCrit

    Are you a serious writer? Do you want to become a better writer? There are few tools that offer the features that AutoCrit does. It is a complete writer’s solution that will correct basic mistakes, of course. However, it goes further by offering tools that will help to strengthen any type of writing. It will compare your fiction work to popular and successful fiction to see how your writing stacks up. It will check for word repetition, something ever writer has wrestled with. It also will help you with word choice, dialogue, pacing and momentum, as well as features to strengthen your writing overall.

  1. Hemingway

    For a simple solution, look no further than Hemingway. This is a bare bones web app that truly trims the fat. No fancy interface, just the tools you need. You enter your text directly into the web interface and immediately it will evaluate your writing in real time. It highlights any areas of concern and gives you a sidebar that will tell you exactly what is wrong with suggests to correct it. Another great feature is that it will actually tell you what grade level of readability you are writing it.

  1. ProWritingAid

    This plugin aims to not just be a web application, or even a standalone app. It aims to be a solution for your writing no matter what platform you are using. It offers all the tools you would expect, of course. But aside from its web interface, it can be used with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, or Google Chrome. It also goes a step further with a plagiarism tool that will check your work to make sure it isn’t too close to any other work online or from its database. If you are writing online especially, this is so important because your SEO will take a huge hit if you are suspected of plagiarism.

  1. WordRake

    Never has a name been so apt. WordRake literally “rakes” through your content and pulls out the “gunk”. It scans your work and begins to tighten, tone, and clarify your writing. It will suggest ways to improve your content and tighten up passages that just don’t get to the point. It is your very own personal editor.


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